Thursday, July 19, 2018

What do we do in times of difficulty?

Why we quilt of course.  I have spent an uplifting day, partly because of the encouraging comments and for the emails I received.  We can not loose hope that we are loosing our way. Also I lost myself in fabric and creativity.

Today I finished my house quilt.  I have enjoyed making these.

I love Maggie's work and took some time out to stitch this small piece.  Sweet and simple.

Last Fall, I had the privilege of taking a class from Maggie when  She and I taught at the same retreat.  I finished this project from her class.  I will have something new for Autumn.

I started this new project today.  I've made a few log cabins blocks from 1 inch strips, that will be implemented into this design.  This is how I spent my day.....:-) Finding joy in stitching!

"Being positive doesn't mean you don't ever have negative thoughts.  It just means you don't let those thoughts control your life."
( From a little book called, 'Book of Good Advise.')

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Kindness Matters......

I have lost my joy and optimism the last few days, and have been in kind of a funk.  The United States can no longer be considered as President Reagan so eloquently likened to a 'Beacon Of Light, or a 'City Set On a Hill.'  I usually do not get involved publicly on this sort of thing, but I have felt such sadness the last few days.  It is never appropriate to be insulting and unkind.  

Over the week end Bruce and I treated Abbie and Chad to a concert on the mountainside at the Deer Valley ski resort in Park City. Our daughter had a birthday...….and we celebrated.  I love out door concerts in the mountains, and it felt good to be gathered with all of the positive and happy energy.  We danced tapped our toes and clapped our hands to the music of Abba.

This is the remaining crazy quilt which I have to share.  I have a few close ups for you to see the exotic fabrics and stunning needle work of the creator.


Exquisite!  This little bird is fabulous!

The museum is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and so are the Blackberry Primitive wool girls.  We met Tonya and Cindy for dinner, but prior to that we visited the beautiful wool in Tonya's home.  Tonya, has many unique early American pieces.  It was a pleasure to see it all first hand.

Blackberry Primitives does all of the wool for Maggie Bononimi.  I just completed a couple of Maggie's design's.  

"Pray when you feel like worrying.
Give thanks when you feel like complaining.
Keep going when you feel like quitting."
-Dave Willis

Some very good advise for me right now.

Friday, July 13, 2018

I'm starting some new projects..........

……..and I have a plan.  I'm working on little log cabins out of 1 inch strips in autumn colors.  Also a quilt made from flying geese.  My plan is to sew 2 little log cabins every day, and 1 flying geese block a day.  Now that my house quilt is nearing completion I need another sewing machine project.  I have ideas formulating for an applique project, and then I will spend part of my day making kits.  But first every day I look forward to reading.  Such a nice quiet start to a day.

I have more quilts to share from the museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I am so fascinated and drawn to these repetitive one patch quilts.  It looks like this was done in 5 x 5 patch blocks.

This beauty reminds me of a nine patch.  It is fabulous!  Something like this would be a great goal for a year.  Just a little section every day.


Crazy quilts.  I find these extremely interesting to look at, and I admire the beautiful stitching, but I have no desire to replicate one.

It appears that a ribbon was threaded through the edge of the lace for attaching.

"Successful people don't view obstacles as roadblocks to their goals, but rather as stepping stones to their success."
-Ruben Chavez

Thursday, July 12, 2018

I love my state......

….and it's many beautiful surroundings.  And this place where we picnicked is 5 minutes from our house.

Chad's sister Kerry is here visiting from Belize along with her son Charlie.  The are used to the ocean and sandy beaches, but not mountain streams.

The water level is low, the snowmelt is finished and it has been hot.  We would love some rain.

My dear husband relaxing and enjoying some quit time with his reading.

Sweet Abbie and her sister in law Kerry.

All of the different shades of green.

Located directly by our picnic spot.  Granite!

A nearby cave.

Chad using his scouting skills to prepare the fire.

Chad's mother and I enjoying the evening.  Notice the Quilt Mania bag in the background.

Bruce and Chad's dad roasting the hot dogs.

The perfect ending to a perfect evening...….s'mores.

"Life is about change.  Sometimes it's painful. Sometimes it's beautiful.  But most of the time, it's both." -Lana Lang