Friday, June 22, 2018

Those Lazy - hazy - days of summer......

…….My oh my, it is nearly July.  I've been so occupied that I've just about missed June.  I mean to savor every day, but some days I just don't understand where the day has gone.

For one thing I have never experienced boredom.  Even as a child I had something that seemed to interest me, especially having grown up on a farm.  There has always been books to read, gardening with my mother, then canning.....collecting night crawlers for my childhood business, and then fishing, and swimming, and work which was assigned to children growing up on a farm.  Enough of that rambling, but the point being there is always much to occupy our attention as life goes speeding by.

I finally found the time to hang up my Let Freedom Ring banner.

for some reason this quilt has been of interest lately, so I stopped to make more kits.

I have some pictures to share from our celebration of life in Katrina and Jess's back yard.  It seems like last week, and it was actually for mother's day.  I am always a bit thrilled when I see the girls enjoying one of my quilts.

Our daughter Abbie and her husband Chad, recently purchased a house across the street.  So the girls are enjoying being neighbors.  And to complete the picture we have dear Annie and Bruce.

The girls have taken a real interest in Gardening.  Just the tip of Annie's nose is in the right hand corner.

Here is the bee hive tucked away in the corner.  The garden is well pollinated, along with the peach tree, and it is always surprising how much honey they collect off of this little hive.

Their homes are located near down town, so they bike and walk to their destination frequently.  Abbie's bike is equipped with several baskets for her grocery shopping.

Summer Days.....a pattern to be given to the first person to respond to 

"My first word of advise is this, say yes.  In fact, say yes as often as you can.  Saying yes begins things.  Saying yes is how things grow.  Saying yes leads to new experiences.  And new experiences will lead to knowledge and wisdom.  Yes is for young people, and an attitude of yes is how you will be able to go forward in these uncertain times."
- Michael Hogan

And so when a couple of friends asked me to take the week end and drive up to Idaho with them, to investigate quilt stores, go antiquing and eat at fun restaurants, "I said YES!"

I'll report back on the adventures on Monday.  Say yes, to week end fun.....:-)

Thursday, June 21, 2018


I love it when my quilter friends share pictures with me.  Today I received 3 of them.

Nancy Frisch, sent me pictures of the blocks which she has started making from The Virginia Reel pattern. She has prepared the base of the blocks, getting ready to next applique the petal on. She happily shared that she is having a fun time going through old fabrics.  Notice how the center of the blocks don't all come to the same point, I say in the pattern not to worry about this, because when you sew on the petals that is all covered.  You just need to determine where the center is and mark it and add the petals with that in mind.  This is a very forgiving pattern.  Of course I recognize many of Nancy's fabrics, and there are those I covet!

Karen Adler, who works at Grand Country in San Marcos, California, shared her Summer days.  A totally different version of the original, but she had the vision to see another alternative.

My sweet friend Suzzane Jarvis, also from California, found this design of mine hanging in a shop in Wisconsin, called Ye Olde Country School House.  When I see my designs in shops that I've never even visited, I'm quite pleased.  Now this is a shop that I need to visit. 

And then Suzanne, found Yes We Can, at a quilt shop in Oswego, Illinois.  The shop is called Prairie Stitches.

Just had to share Leslie's Holly Hocks.  One of my favorite blooms.

They are so old fashioned.

A few more pictures from more shops that we wandered through in Shipshawana.  Really a fun little town.

I grew up washing with a wringer washer very similar to this one.  I'm really dating myself.  A whole new world opened up to me when I left the farm and moved into a dorm at college.

I was smitten with this smiling flying pig. Such a happy face.

And I love these boxes...….think of all of the things you could organize and store in them.

I found this item interesting.

Here is another box organizer...….and I love things that are caned.

A glimpse of a passing buggy.

"The world is a great mirror.  It reflects back to you what you are.  If you are loving, if you are friendly, If you are helpful, the world will prove loving and friendly and helpful to you.  The world is what you are."
-Thomas Dreier

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I had the best morning.......

…… a local quilt shop called Quilt's Etc. picking out fabric for a kit for The Virginia Reel Quilt which I will be teaching there.  I enjoyed so much looking through all of those beautiful bolts of fabric.
My heart pitter patters at such a rate with the stimulation of all that gorgeous fabric and I hyperventilate just a bit too!  I'm so looking forward to spending time with all of those signed up for the class.

The border fabric was chosen and ordered from Diamond Textiles.  Those signed up for the class are anxious to use this fabric.

The vine fabric is in demand also, except it is an old fabric from my stash.  However, I picked out a marvelous substitute.

This is a great pattern to dig through your of those odd, kind of ugly and forgotten scraps will blend nicely with the kit.  After all, everyone finds joy and stimulation with a few new pieces of fabric.

Customers are also anxious for a kit for The Porch quilt.  The border which I used was an old fabric from my stash which is no longer available.  However, we found another beautiful Diamond Textiles fabric that will be a marvelous substitute and offer the same color appeal.  We also picked out many complimentary fabrics and  a beautiful Kona red.

Take notice of the stunning quilting which was chosen to accent this quilt by the machine quilter, who I am so fortunate to have. The quilting can either enhance or detract.  Karen always makes me happy!

Now, I'm back sharing pictures from the antique shop I mention in a prior post from Shipshawana. 

The shop had many amazing quilt books from days gone by.

And many sets of antique blocks.  I was tempted by many of them.

This basket quilt makes a gorgeous back drop for these beautiful quilt holders.

I'm partial to cats, and this one is a beauty and does not shed...….but then it doesn't purr either.  This is no substitute for the real thing.

More sets of blocks.  If I when I was visiting there, I would have enjoyed digging through the piles of quilts and all of the old books.  Maybe next time.
"Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."
-Mary Anne Radmacher

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

An eventful week end.......

…….we celebrated Chad's birthday, enjoyed a visit with Bruce's cousins from California and then wound up the celebrating with Father's Day.  I also finished the quilt which I will be teaching at the retreat at Quilter's Station in August.  This is a marvelous retreat, so see if you can't find a way to tuck it into your schedule.
I would share the photo of the new Quilt, but I'm having problems downloading pictures.....Have I mentioned what a vexation the computer is to me???!!!

I finally took a minute to change out some of my quilts, and to celebrate the season of summer and the flag.  This is one of my favorite quilts called 'Land That I Love.'  The pillow was made by a friend and given to me many years ago.

Liberty...….a pillow I made many moons ago.  I continue to love it.

I purchased this box centerpiece piece in Shipshawana, at the store The Thankful Heart.  It is nicely displaying some of my favorite summertime items...….all made by me.  The Patriotic cat stands at the back waving the flag, the crow and the watermelon are from an old Kindred Spirits book, and the patriotic stars which is one of my designs, along with the flag waving cat, fill out the container.  Notice the little drawer on the bottom right.   Wow, that sentence above is could certainly be called a long rambling sentence.

This is one of the projects which I taught last year at the retreat in Quilter's Station.  This was actually a table runner, but Linda Runolfson turned it into a square by adding an extra 2 corners with the pumpkins.  It always makes me so happy to see quilters who expand on my original design.  This pattern is called 'Follow the Sun.'

Som kind quilter sent me this picture of the second Navajo quilt which she made from my 'Navajo Code Talker pattern.  It turned out beautifully, and she was one of the many quilters who masterfully expanded on my design.

I'm lame, I can't figure out how to rotate this picture today, so just turn your head to see the beautiful way in which Ana, expanded on the original 'Seasons' quilt pattern.  This is just stunning.

And, doesn't this quilt sparkle?  This is Josephine Keasler's, version of Silent Night.  She loves bright colors and had the vision to change it to honor her tastes, and be true to her vision. This is from the class I taught at Quilt's Etc., where I will be teaching this evening.

And last but certainly not least, we'll do our neck exercises again to see my sweet friend Kassi's completed 'Garden Whimsy'. Posting all of these many quilts has given me a happy heart for sure.

I am one of the most unlikely people to write a blog with my lack of expertise.  However, Blessings to all of you who still follow me blog.  When I grow up I hope to do better.


"If you want to be successful, it's just this simple.  Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing." - Will Rogers     As for me I love what I'm doing, but as to the computer skills, I certainly do not know half of the time what I am doing. Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Making Kits........

today!  I sold out of many things while visiting in Michigan, so today was a kit making day.  This is something I enjoy doing, but I'll be back to stitching tomorrow.  I've just about completed the stitching on the wool for a new project which I will be teaching at Quilter's Station, in Lee's Summit, Mo.  This is a really fun retreat, so check it out on their web site.

This is the next shop we visited.

Blocks from Ohio, dated 1890.

This was an interesting quilt, except for the puffy fat bat.

Many quilt tops...….but I'd have loved to bring that basket home.

Another set of blocks.  That muslin is just begging for some amazing hand quilting!

Blocks already quilted.

More quilt blocks dating 1890.

There were bunches of quilts, but many were in stacks.  Since I was not a serious shopper, I didn't feel that I could look through them.

Isn't this a lovely hand quilted piece.  An unusual pattern.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love log cabin quilts?!

How I love old traditional quilts. This Amish hexagon quilt was a beauty.

Yes, they certainly do.  I guess that is part of the reason my days tend to fly by...…. I enjoy my pleasant days working with fabric and being creative!!

"Think of life as a school for your soul.  You are hear to learn in perfect well being.  Here's a tip for life's pop quizzed:  Instead of asking why something happened, ask instead, what can I learn?  For extra credit, Ask and how may I serve?" -Jackson Kiddard