Friday, March 24, 2017

A rainy day.....

....more so than what is normal for Utah.  In fact, we have rejoiced with all of the abundant moisture which we have had this winter, and now it is extending into spring.

The fresh new greens in the spring seem so vibrant!

My tulips are just beginning to bloom.  My daughter Abbie planted bunches of bulbs for me last fall and these on the south are the first to bloom.

First blooming trees in our neighborhood....:-)

I stuck this bunny into the ground today while the earth is nice and soft from the rain.

Fresh new life on the weeping pine tree.

Now, we're back to Megan's quilts. The hand quilting is so lovely!

A simple nine patch has a charm of its own.  I love the different shades of muslin used in this quilt.

Notice how incredible the quilting is on this quilt.  Megan does fabulous hand quilting.

Once again the quilting makes the quilt!  I do love this quilt.

We found it interesting that all of the stars bordering this lovely quilt were light in color....did they loose their color or was it planned that way.

An interesting color combination.

Megan wondered if at one time, all of the stars were red, and that some of the reds lost their color.  I guess the color red often ended up tan.

This is a quilt top which Megan rescued.....I will excited to see what she does with this is sure to be beautiful once she is finished with it.

This is the free pattern for today.  Yesterdays pattern is on it's way to the winner.  Once again I will take the 10th person to email me their address at

"If you will make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk."
-Robert Baden Powell
Have a marvelous week end.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

There is a new ......

.....pattern on my web

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is available on my web site.

An up close glance.

While attending the Sew Simply Stitched retreat last week in Roosevelt, Megan Legas shared some of her antique quilts with us.  I made certain that I was sitting front row and center so I could get a good look!  Each piece in this quilt is different.

Megan often purchases quilts that need some TLC.  She many times takes a quilt a part , replaces a damaged block with a similar fabric that is available today, and then puts it all back together and does beautiful hand quilting on them.

There are a few blocks that have deteriorated, Megan will replace them and then hand quilt the top.  Her quilting is beautiful, just like I'd like to do when I grow up! :-)

This particular quilting was just so sweet and lovely.  Megan purchases the embroidered red work embroidered blocks, and then finished it in this fabulous setting!

Megan believes that in this quilt top, that the  four corner blocks, once were made from a colored fabric which faded.

This quilt is simple but stunning!  I have a few more to share tomorrow.

Anybody ready for Goin' Fishin'?  I made this little quilt and gave it to my brother.  I have this pattern to give away tomorrow to the 10th person to contact me with their address.

"To love another person is to see the face of God."
-Les Miserables

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A productive day.....

I completed this little table mat today.  It is part wool and part cotton.  It will be available soon as the next Bits and Bobs project on Facebook.  It is sixteen inches square.

This new design is even quilted and bound.  I will be offering kits for this new design which is thirty six inches square.  I have named it Flag Day.

I am including a few close ups so that you might better see the detail in the four corners.  The border fabric is a wonderful Diamond Textile.

Bernadette Bird sent me the completed pillow covers for my design called....Choose your love....and Love Your Choice.  I love them.....and thanks for sharing.

Robyn Cousins shared a terrific quote with me and I will pass it on to you today.  "You must never forget that what you do not value will not be valued, that what you do not remember will not be remembered, that what you do not change will not be changed; that what you do not do will not be done." -unknown

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sew Simply Stitched retreat.....

Before I continue with the retreat, I want to share with you a retreat which I will be teaching at in Missouri.  Quilters Station is a destiny quilt shop in itself.

There will be quite a large group of teachers, so there is bound to be something for everyone.

This is one of the designs I will be teaching, it is called Follow the Sun.

And, this is the second design I will be teaching.  This is called Autumn's Arrival.

Back to the retreat.  This is the lovely group of women I had the privilege of helping with this wall hanging called Love Shared.
Some of their faces are missing, and one lady left early, but I enjoyed every minute of this class.  All of the amenities connected with this retreat were very nice.

There were nibbles and refreshments always available.  The meals were scrumptious.

They had several little quilts spread around.....all springy and cheerful.

The center pieces were festive.

There were quilts hanging about the large open sew room.  I selected 2 of my favorite.

"One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, March 20, 2017

Home Again -

My friend Leslie Ison accompanied me to the retreat in Roosevelt, Utah.  On the way we visited My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop in Midway, Utah.  We were glad we did because it is a wonderfully stocked quilt store.  When we walked in, the first sample I saw was their take on my design Living In the Sunlight.  The bunnies and flowers are done in wool.

The second thing I saw was the pillow which they had made from my Love One Another design, and I loved their choice of is stunning!

If you are on the look out for wool, they have many beautiful pieces of wool to select from.  There were many I wanted to take with me.

All shades and colors.

Beautiful, beautiful wool.

There were many samples to inspire.

Here is my design Field of Flowers made up in a different, but very lovely color way.

Because they have so much beautiful wool, they have many samples made with wool or parts of the design are from wool.

I am sharing Kerry Green's gorgeous quilt again to let you know that this quilt shop in Midway is taking orders for kits for this quilt.  When we were there the calls were coming in from far and near, so if you are interested, you best give them a call.  435-654-2844.

Leslie and I listened to Eleanor Roosevelt's auto biography in the car on the way to Roosevelt.  I was reminded of this remarkable  first lady's unselfish and dedicated service to our country.  She often served as her husbands legs taking messages of hope and cheer to the troops serving in the second World War.  She passionately served the poor and down trodden.  I've chosen to share one of her quotes today.
"Duty was perhaps the motivating force in my life, often excluding what might have been joy or pleasure." - Eleanor Roosevelt.