Thursday, March 21, 2019

Blue skies and sunshine today........

……. just perfect for the first day of Spring. I didn't find much time for sewing today.  I took the time to visit my Dr. and to tend to my hair which was much in need of a hair cut.  

The quilt which I shared yesterday, the star one with the amazingly cute label has a pattern written by my friend Paula.  I can only imagine that some of you would like to make it.  If you do contact her @ 

I would certainly like to find the time to make this in civil war fabrics.  However, this bright and perky combination is really cute as well as vibrant.

I wanted to share pictures from one of the vendors at Bryce, when I was there in Feb. for the retreat.  This shop is in Brigham City, Utah.  It is just off of I 15 traveling north towards Idaho.  It is a darling small town and the shop is right on Main Street.  You will not be disappointed if you take the time to visit.  Aren't these blocks wonderful?

They are a block of the month which they are kitting.  These were the first 4 blocks in Mrs. Miller's Apprentice.

Here are some of the other quilts displayed in their booth.

All of the quilts were quite wonderful!

I was especially drawn to this one.  The fun thing about samplers is that each new block is a new project!

The choice of the border fabric really helps in defining this awesome quilt.  I would have never considered the inner muslin border.  It gave me something new to consider.

" I can't think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself." - Steve Tierney 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Home Again.......

I spent an absolutely delightful week end with the St. George Guild members and with those in attendance. Everyone was so accommodating and kind.  My classes went well as well as my trunk show.  Julie, came and met me and we stayed in a really nice place called, 'The Roost.'  The time flew by, as it always does when you're having fun.

So let me tell you a bit about the Roost.  It sleeps 8, and has a large room filled with tables, ironing boards and room for a number of quilters to gather and sew.  The large room is 150.00 a day, so split amongst several women it is very reasonable.  It is 45.00 per night for sleeping.  I envision a fun and memorable time for all!  Email 

Before my trunk show I was serenaded by Bruce Bussy, who was instrumental in making the show possible.  He sang the following song to welcome me for the trunk show.  The words were sung to Hello Dolly.

She went away from home up in Salt Lake
Drove down in her personal car
And now that she's here in St. George to be with us
Let's show her just how friendly and how glad we are.

Hello, Norma, well hello Norma
It's so nice to have you here to join our show
You're looking swell Norma we can tell Norma
You've been sewing, You've been quilting for so very long.

I see the room waiting and anticipating
What you've brought to show us in your trunk show, so
Golly Gee. Norma, Show us, we want to see Norma
Wow us with all your real unique designs.

Let me tell you, that was a tough act to follow.  Bruce has a beautiful voice!

I have just a couple of quilts I want to share from the retreat at Bryce.  This one was fantastic and it was created by Sherry Boren.

She combined some of her favorite blocks and this is what she came up with.

Some of the applique blocks were from my design called Remember Me.

Sherry also finished the quilt top for How Does Your Garden Grow.
I love the finish!

Paula McKinley made this wonderful string star.  Loved this one too!

Take a look at the back...… this quilt was made for her grand daughter, Goldie Grace Thatcher.  Just so clever and sweet!

"Happiness is not something ready made.  It comes from your own actions." - Dalai Lama

Monday, March 11, 2019

A Busy and Fun Week End.........

Our week end had out of town family visiting, seeing my adorable niece in a play at the University of Utah, and happy hours spent with family.  Playing games, eating, and did I mention eating!  Good Times!

"It is not the JOY that makes us GRATEFUL, it is GRATITUDE that makes us JOYFUL." Just a thought as we start out into a new week.

We started gathering the items I need to bring to St George this next week.  The topper on my car is already loaded with quilts.  Bruce thought it wise and expedient to snag our son in law and my nephew who are both around 6' 5", and have been bestowed with exceptionally long arms and legs, to load quilts into the topper on my car.  No little ladder required.  Now, if I could just take them both with me, the unloading would also be a breeze.  Besides, they'd add life to the party.  Many years back, Chad and Abbie went with me when I taught in St George and did a trunk show, and Chad was a good sport to hold up my quilts for the trunk show that I did then.  He'd hold up quilts upside down and the ladies would heckle him, all in good fun!  Those were good times and memories which I'm happy to have.  After the car is packed, hopefully there will still be room for me in the drivers seat.

I am going to be behind in my pictures, because I haven't covered the marvelous retreat at Bryce Canyon.  I left Cedar City on Saturday morning after the retreat was over.  I wanted to arrive in Bryce before the predicted snow storm arrived.

The road to the park is always a joy.  The scenery never grows old or mundane.

The red rock formations are extraordinary!

It takes very little imagination to see castles and fortresses.

The road passes through first one archway,

And then through another........ magical.

Since arrived in the morning, and well before my room was ready, I hung out in a comfy chair before the fire and enjoyed some warm and lovely stitching time.

Out the back door here are firepits and a great swimming pool.  The firepits would be great for cool summer evenings.  This is the common area where breakfast is provided every morning.

I just needed to show you the carpet.......wouldn't it make a beautiful modern quilt?

"If speaking is silver, then listening is gold." - Turkish Proverb

Thursday, March 7, 2019

A busy day!

Today, I made kits for Remember the Giver.  I received orders for 3 kits, and discovered I was out of the kits.  I mentioned in my title that it was a busy day.  Most of my days are.  I'm grateful that I enjoy my work.  Much of the background for these blocks and the border, are Diamond Textiles.

I found pictures of two blocks from way back when I was constructing the quilt. 

At the retreat in Cedar City, there was a silent auction.  Julie and Karen both scored.  Julie had the highest bid on this antique sewing box.

There were some incredible finds inside the box.

We had so much fun sorting through all of the goodies...… especially the skeins of this silk thread.

Karen's treasure was this old working Singer sewing machine.  It looks just like the one I sewed on in Home Ec.  And, it looks like the one I purchased on a garage sale for $50.00, the first year we were married.  I sewed on it for years, and it was a wonderful machine. Now my daughter has it.

The last day of the retreat, approximated 300 women sewed together in this enormous room.  There were door prizes being given out every 15 minutes or less.  What a huge success it all was.

One of the ladies in the Winter Banner class, came up with this cute little tassel on one of the hats.

"The most beautiful people I've known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths." 
-Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

We've been reminded......

…… that even though it is March, and there were some indicators of Spring, Spring has not sprung just yet!

The snow had disappeared, and then...….

When the snow has just freshly fallen and hasn't been soiled, it really is beautiful!

I met the dearest lady who had a little booth at the Cedar Chest quilt retreat.  Her name is Lisa Twitchell.  I told her I would put her on my blog.  (

She had this cat all stitched up, it features a stitching pack by Sew Cherished.

She had these denim rugs.

These precut strips would also work up well in a braided rug or a croqueted one.

She had the cutest playing cards featuring Beatrix Potter designs.

The vendors were located in the lobby of the city center, and all of the sewing went on upstairs.

There were a few more quilts hanging from the rails.

Karen Whitmeyer, one of the owners of Grand Country Quilters was working on this gorgeous pineapple quilt.  She was making the process look easy with her block lock ruler.

I fell in love with the purple fabric in this combination.

Toni, was working on this Maggie Bononami design.  It is so gorgeous!

It consists of these 3 panels.  Notice the snail...….. kind of cute, right?  Just not in my garden munching on my Hostas.

"There is one spectacle grander than the sew, that is the sky; There is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul."  -Victor Hugo