Monday, September 19, 2016

Off on an adventure......

Julie Kursave arrived at my house and we will be off on an adventure.  I will be teaching and doing a trunk show in the west Chicago area.  I'm so looking forward to meeting and sharing our common interest.......creating and sharing.  We will be gone for two weeks and will be stopping in Nebraska for a trunk show on the way home, and visiting the Quilt Study Museum in Lincoln and all of the quilt shops in between.  I will be taking many pictures to share with you upon my return home.

Over the week end we went out to dinner at the ski resort named Snowbird.  On the way up the mountain we enjoyed the gorgeous fall colors.

Along the road to Snowbird Ski resort.

A little pocket of color nestled amongst the green.

Fresh mountain air with the scent of pine......a delight for the senses!

Julie humoring me for a photo.

Flags hanging from the ceiling in the main lodge, where the restaurant is.

Bruce and I.

The pattern for As the Wind Blows is now finished and on my web site.

Also, the pillow pattern is complete...... Choose Your Love.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather, and as fast as time flies I will  return home with adventures to share.

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love; it will not lead you astray."  -Rumi 1207 - 1273

Friday, September 16, 2016

After taking the summer off.......

....Our quilt group met, and it was such a treat to share with each other again.  Today my show and tell will be the quilt of Debra Hale, who is part of our group.  She has created a masterpiece!

This is a Sue Spargo design, and I guess it is safe to share the pictures because the pattern is now out in a book form.  I think the road winding through is fabulous!

I fell in love with the lion.....he is incredibly awesome.

Cute water buffalo...

 and the rhino's and the giraffe.....cute little zebra too!

Adore the wart hogs and the hyena.....I could do without the snake.

Stinking cute owl.

It is a rather sweet looking hypo and crocodile.

It is an over load for the senses.

I favor the elephants.....and all the creatures......I am still dubious about the snake.

Debra does exceptionally beautiful stitching.

Debra also shared this dog....

....and this exceptional little coin purse or something small to care little sewing supplies.

.....and this gorgeous wide mouth bag.  A big salute to Debra's exceptional talent!

I want to say a big thank you for all of the lovely comments I have received......I've just been too preoccupied with life to sit down and have a chat with you.  Anything that was in Dawns booth at Sew Cherished Woolens, you should google her and give her a call.

"Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell."  -Louisa May Alcott

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sew Cherished....#2

I have a few more things to share from Dawn's booth.

This embroidered piece is one of my favorites.  "Bless me with the sun so bright that blesses me with morning light...

This small wool wall hanging was one of my favorite things in the booth.

Stunning!  I love the houses with all of the tiny windows, but the pine cones are fabulous!

Dawn carries many of these charming wool pieces that are displayed on these metal hangers.  Something for every season.

Displayed here is a little wool design for every month of the year.  I couldn't resist the cat with the candy corn little time to finish everything I'd like.

A smile carries a big impact! :-)

Today is the second Wednesday drawing for a free pattern.  The three winners are as follows- Rebecca Lydy, Karla Ramy, and Sue Singer.  Email me please with your pattern choice and do not forget to include your mailing address.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."  Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sew Cherished......

There is nothing that cannot happen today! :-)

 Here are some wool items that I thought were wonderful in the Sew Cherished Woolens booth.  If there are some you just can't live without, they can be purchased from Dawn.

I especially loved the Noah's Ark piece from wool.

I love this table runner.  These are made from all wool.

I believe this is one of Dawn's designs.

This crazy patch Christmas mat is something I would love to is folk art at it's best.

These Old World Santa's are gorgeous.

"And it is still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out in the world it is best to hold hands and stick together."
-Robert Fulghum

Monday, September 12, 2016

I received a gift.....

......when family came to visit so that we could watch the local rivalry football game together.  Out team won by the way. :-)  My sweet little grand dogs came along to visit, and gave as much love as they received.  And, we all made home made pizzas using my new our dough starter....they were yummy.  It's a fun thing because everyone can decorate their own crust.

They are all tuckered out.....they love it at our house, because we have more carpet than Chad and Abbie.  This enables them to get better traction to run and play. 

I have this occasion to look forward to in the spring time.

This is a Navajo Code talker quilt picture which was sent to me sometime ago.....I love it.  I just now found it in one of my download files.  Little by little I'm learning a bit more about the computer and its abilities.  The problem is, that my abilities are quite insufficient to utilize the capabilities. The computer is great, however I do not enjoy spending time on it.  To be come adept, one must be much more interested than what I I'm sorry I forgot your name.

The same scenario applies to this picture which was shared with me.....and finally the lost was discovered! :-)  My dear friend Nannelle Robinson, shared a picture of her prize winning quilt, How Does Your Garden Grow.  Chad helped me save that one last night and I've hunted and have not found it. When and if he comes for dinner this week, we will need to have another wee lesson! :-)

When reviewing photos, I realized that I had forgotten to share this quilt from the show.....and it is too stunning not to share.

Migration.....a perfect name. The quilting is exquisite.

"The only source of knowledge is experience."
-Albert Einstein