Thursday, May 23, 2019

Still raining.....

……. and still postponing yard work.  First of all, to Linda.  Please email me so that I have an email address for you.  Then when the Bee Kind kits are ready I will email you an invoice through Pay Pal.

When our very peasant and informative English speaking guide picked us up at our place of stay the next morning, we set out for a day tour with him.  Our first stop was the Bastogne War Museum.  It is a major W.W.11 site of memory in the Ardennes Forest area in Belgium.  Bruce, enjoyed this experience completely.  The day was cold and rainy.  I mentioned the fact to our guide.  He answered, "it's perfect to help you understand what the soldiers were facing."  Winter was coming on and they had not yet received any of their winter gear or clothing.  They suffered greatly.  I was thoroughly and completely admonished!  I considered that through the day as I shivered off and on in the cold.

Below are a few pictures from the museum.

Depicting the picture taken in Time's Square after the war was over.

This is an reenactment of a sparse Christmas dinner, that was soon interrupted by the need for the generals to be at their duty stations.

The next part of our tour was centered on the Band of Brothers film, which we saw at least a couple of times for the impact it had on us and our family.  I picked up a book in the book store called, 'Searching for Augusta', by Martin King.  She was referred to as the forgotten angel of Bastogne.  In the series of A Band of Brothers,  we were told of the story of what happened to American soldiers and citizens during that arduous winter of 1944-1945.  In the movie there is a passing reference to an African nurse assisting in an aid station in Bastogne.  When a military historian, Martin King watched the episode, he made it his mission to discover who she was.  Her name is Agusta Chiwy.  The book tells how she and a fellow medic  saved countless lives while under siege. Bruce, got access to it first and read it, now it is my turn.  He enjoyed it.

The Band of Brothers.

Our guide took us  along part of the route the Band of Brothers took in the filming of their experiences.  Thinking back on what I new from the film, and being cold, the experience was very moving.  This is a memorial that Tom Hanks had erected in their honor and memory.

These are some of the fox holes that are still in evidence after all of this time.

This is the farm they came across in the movie.  I believe if memory serves me, they took shelter in this barn.

The Cross Roads.

The church from the movie.  This concluded our day, and we took the train the next day back to Amsterdam, and then Home Sweet Home!  However, we are deeply grateful for this amazing experience, and to share most of it with our daughters and husbands.

"I want to convince you that you must learn to make every act count, since you are going to be here for only a short while."
-Carlos Castaneda

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Another rainy day.....

…… which gives me a good excuse to stay inside and not garden.  Not that I don't enjoy tending the soil, but I've been on a roll making kits.

This is one of the projects which I made kits for to day.  I will be teaching it at an upcoming retreat, but I made a few extra.

This is what the kit looks like.  The log cabins are cut out and ready to sew.

Now, back to our last day in Brugge.  Early on this morning, Jess and Katrina awoke early and took the train to meet a plane that would be taking them to Portugal,  which they loved by the way!
Abbie and I decided we needed to share one more waffle before we would be meeting our train which would take us to Brussels.  Since we've been home, we decided this was our best one.  We chose Nutella on the waffle and then the cream and berries.  We enjoyed it in the central city square to absorb it all one more time!

Our train arrived in Brussels in early afternoon.  We hailed a cab to take us to our next air B and B.  The taxi driver grinned and said it was less than a block away.  He gave us directions and a way we went.  This is the rug that greeted us just inside the door.  It certainly looks like inspiration for a quilt!

Once again we scored.  Our place of stay was very nice and accommodating.  We soon set out to begin our discovery, as Chad and Abbie would be leaving in the morning to take a train to Paris, and Bruce and I would leave early with a private guide that would take us on a W.W. 11 tour.  Once I spotted this bike, I knew it called for a picture.   Again as you can see from the cobble stones, that Brussels is also very old.

Another beautiful central city square.  You will notice that many of these government buildings are adorned with gold.

The architecture was ornate, beautiful and really quite breath taking!

We actually found a Starbucks in the lower level of one of these buildings.  We were disappointed the next morning that they were not open yet at 8 A.M.

The date on this building is 1698.  We found a tasty little Greek restaurant for dinner.  When we spied it we all turned to each other and said, "Greek sounds good."  And it was.  Then we sat outside for a bit and listened to a musician who played beautifully.  She entertained us for quite some time playing a clarinet to gorgeous back ground music.  And then we spotted an ice cream store across the way.  Now we had  ice cream to enjoy while we continued to listen to the music.

This was the street which we walked down to the place we stayed.  I'll share our W.W.11 tour tomorrow.

"I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning." - J.B. Priestly

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Making kits today......

….oh my, there is always so much to enjoy throughout my days.  I've been catching up on my kit making.  I will be teaching at a retreat in Panguitch, Utah in June, so I'm using this down time to catch up a bit.  

About he Bee Kind kits, I will be making them soon and then sending out Pay Pal invoices to those who have expressed interest in having one.  Today someone emailed me that they wanted one to give to a friend, and somehow your email was accidently deleted.  Please email me again.

I found these trees so interesting.....they were all over The Netherlands and in Brugge.

We are now waiting for another canal tour.

They made the dive!

Some of the arch ways we passed under were quite low......we ducked our heads.

It would be interesting to have your home back up to the canal.  We decided this might be a spot where you would keep a boat.

Over on the island in the background were swans sitting on nests.

The date on this structure reads 1675.  Lace curtains were hanging in the windows.

We loved all of the vegetation.

Up above we noticed this little cafĂ©.  I loved the willow tree.

I will end todays post with this sweet picture of Chad and Abbie.
My heart is so very full of sweet memories!

"Life is ours to be spent, not saved."
- D. H. Lawrence

Monday, May 20, 2019

Several rainy days.....

…. we are well over 200% of normal for moisture.  The mountain streams are full and rushing fast, and the mountains are still full of snow.  We are holding our breath hoping there is not flooding.  The mountains are so very beautiful and green. 

I finished another quilt.  It even has the label.  I made this quilt called Signal Flags.  It is a design by Carol Hopkins.  I worked on this quilt the 2 years in which I attended a lovely retreat in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  The retreat was sponsored by The Country Sampler. The Country Sampler and the little town of Spring Green, are wonderful places to visit.

This is a little pillow, a bowl stuffer for me, which I just completed.  I will be making a limited amount of kits for this.  I bought some linen while I was in France with Quilt Mania.  I will make kits, until my linen is gone.

This is where I will use it.

Now, I take you back to Brugge.  Abbie and I decided that it was our favorite.  The Netherlands was amazing, but we wished that we had a longer time here.  Here is a kitty we exchanged conversation with.  Ever so sweet!

These herb gardens are connected with the hospital below.  This hospital dated to 1166, and was in use still in the 1980's.

Herbs used for healing disease and sickness.  The hospital was developed by an order of monks.  And the price of the medicines               was most likely free for all.  Really quite an amazing thing.  Let your food be your medicine.

I spied this in a window of a lace and tapestry store..... good advise.  There were chocolate shops on every street.  The Belgium chocolate is rich and creamy and melt in your mouth marvelous!  We performed our duty and visited nearly every one.  Then we'd have samplings every evening and in between every event.  We walked miles every day and decided we could get by with it.  Both Abbie and I brought some home which we are still enjoying!

This means of transportation seemed so very appropriate in this old and beautiful city!

A view of one of the gorgeous canals traversing the city.

A rest stop for a latte' and a Belgium waffle.

A light and crispy waffle with whipped cream and berries.  Abbie and I each had one.  Oh yes, we ate the whole thing, and it was good, very good.  More from Brugge tomorrow.

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are." -J. Pierpont Morgan