Thursday, October 11, 2018

Good Times!

I have a bit of unexpected joy in my routine.  My niece, Ireland is attending the University of Utah in the drama department, and is performing in a play called The Wolves at the Salt Lake Acting Company.  As a result family is arriving.  Her grandmother and my friend Susan, arrived early to avoid a snow storm across Wyoming where she is from.  Our tickets to the play are not until Friday, so we are just enjoying our days visiting and sort of wasting time.  But time is not wasted, I guess, enjoying our time together.  I guess I'm programed to accomplish something every day.  My daughter Katrina, advised me that I need to learn to excel at doing nothing!  I'm working on it.....:-).

Today we enjoyed having lunch with Ireland and her group of absolutely delightful friends.  We were impressed with there good hearts, and so happy!

This is one of my designs called, Crossings.  It is a study in cheddar and indigo.

Look at the marvelous contrast in Caron Ryan's quilt of the same design.  I really love this look, and recognize some of the old Roberta Horton plaids in it.  Thank you so very much for sharing it with us Caron.

Here is my completed quilt on the back of my couch.  I have it done in Fall colors.  I wanted a nice uniform and simple looking quilt to serve as a background for wool pillows.  The pillow on the left, is one of my designs.  This pattern called Birds of a Feather will be on my web site tomorrow.  I've thought about making kits for it if there is any interest.

I also, finished this pillow in the center.  It is a Maggie Bononimi 
design, and I am very happy with it.  I received the kit for it from Black Berry Primitives.  Maggie's designs are so uncomplicated.  She uses one brownish color of Coats and Clarks sewing thread to whip stitch it down.

"What if I fall?  Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" -Erin Hansen

Friday, October 5, 2018

Heartwarming memories.......

……..are tucked away after our visit to Ohio.  It isn't easy living away from those we love.  However, now we have fresh and precious memories until we are reunited once again.

I have been busy since our return late Tuesday evening.  All of the usual after a trip, and then we came home to orders etc.  I think I'm caught up, and I started a new quilt today.


As you travel east on I 80 there is an archway museum across the interstate.  If you are ever near this museum, be sure to stop.  This is a statue outside the museum depicting the pony express riders.

Here is Jerry, posing with the mountain man who was the greeter at the museum.  He was a character!  Quite authentic looking with a great gravely voice.

This is the museum itself.  It depicts the western expansion and the various pioneers who traveled west.  It is an amazing depiction, from covered wagons to handcarts, and then the first automobiles and roadside camps where tourists first stayed.  This was the second time I have gone through this museum and it has expanded greatly, and is very well done.  I loved it.

Some native prairie land outside the walkway to the museum.

This is the amazing group I was privileged to travel with this past August.  I miss them all, and sincerely hope we all meet together once again in the future.  I have the sweetest memories!

"The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail. Travel too fast, and you miss all you are traveling for." - Louis L'Amour

I'm grateful that on our trip together, we were able to travel not too fact in our meanderings I do not believe we missed what we were traveling for.  We took several days to reach our destiny.  We stopped at every antique shop and fabric shop and for ice cream in between.  We shared moments that created memories and were united in a warm's all in the journey!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Quilt Group......

Four of us quilting friends me and shared what we have been working on since last we met.  After enjoying stimulating conversation and each others company we all parted renewed and warmed by our friendship.

Leslie started out the show and tell with her adorable little 3 inch stars.  She has gone through her fabrics and pulled those that she has a small bit of and has chosen to use them to make her stars.

We loved them!

This is Barbara's version of the Virginia Reel.  It is hand quilted, and the quilting is stunning.

She also worked on the Peace and Plenty baskets.  The border applique was omitted, and it is a bit larger, but oh so wonderful.

The fabric on the back is perfect!

Barbara has also been working at hand piecing the quilt top in the Amish colors and style.

And she has finished this delightful scrap quilt top, and as you can see, is also hand quilting this top.

Gaylyn, has completed this little quilt top and is now in the process of hand quilting it.  She will use it for a little table topper.

This amazing pumpkin quilt with these gorgeous fabrics was another finish by Gaylyn.  It is a pattern from a Quilt Mania publication.

This is a panel which she made for her grand children to enjoy for the Halloween season.  The machine quilting, we decided was absolutely fabulous for the design.

Tomorrow Bruce and I leave for Ohio to visit family.  We will be coming home next Tuesday.

"The only gift is a portion of thyself."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, September 24, 2018

Since Autumn has officially arrived.....

…….I decided that it was time to bring the season into our home!
So, I spent Saturday doing just that!

The quilt is one I made many years ago, it is a Jan Patek pattern.  The pillow is a Needle Love design out of one of their Autumn books.  I love getting reacquainted with my treasures.

The quilt on the back of the chair is one of my designs called Crossings.  The pillow is a Timeless Traditions Quilts design from a couple of years ago.  It is the first year which it has been home for me to enjoy.

I adore this cat pillow, and the memories connected with it.  I purchased it at a Fall Boutique when I taught at Quilter's Station, 2 summers ago.

This quilt I made many moons ago...….it is even hand quilted.  The gourd basket and the yellow winged crow were purchased at a Country Living Fair which we attended a few years back.  If you've never attended one of these fairs, you must consider doing it.

This Ohio Star quilts also a Timeless traditions Quilts design, and lucky for me, it has arrived back home, and is available for naps!  The Thanksgiving pillow is one of my favorite and is from a Needle Love book.

The basket on the right is an antique sewing basket which is over a 100 years old.  I found it on this last trip to Missouri.

The maple Leave quilt is from 22 years ago.  I worked on the hand quilting while on a fishing trip with my family up in Canada.  

This khaki pumpkin head was also purchased at a Country Living Fair in Ohio...….And the cat in a fabulous shop in Wisconsin.  A trip down memory lane.

This basket was purchased for me and I just completed the wool design on the lid.  I'll now take my sewing around in style!

Last but not least these gourds were also purchased at The Country Living Fair in Ohio.

Need to hurry out the door, we are going to Chad and Abbie's for dinner.

"What we see depends mainly on what we look for." - John Lubbock

Friday, September 21, 2018

More inspiration from quilting friends.....

Leslie, shared her Dear Jane quilt, now that it has been quilted...….hand quilted that is!  And finished in 3 months time.

Five thousand and 2 pieces!!!  Well done my friend.

Inspired am I!  Now she is working on her 'a star in a day' project...…and as you can see that has grown expediently!

These adorable little stars are 3 inches when finished, and are hand pieced.

While Leslie was cleaning and organizing her sewing room, she ran across this quilt which was all cut out and in a box.  Now it's completed and so stunning with that chrome yellow.  And yes, it is hand quilted!  This is an old pattern by Kaye England, which both she and I bought many years back.

Beth, has been busily making these croqueted baby blankets.  She decided she can make one every few shows she watches!:-)  They are so sweet.

And she is working on hand quilting this basket quilt which she has pieced and appliqued.

Kathy, finished this quilt by Jan Kingwell called Delilah.

And congratulations to quilt is really complete without being labeled.

Liz, has been working on these gorgeous blocks from a quilt designed by the very talented designer, Kerry Green.  We missed seeing what she has been working on over the summer, but she was at her cabin still, up in the mountains.

Amish Grace, one of my designs finished also by Liz.

And there is a new baby girl expected, so she is working on this sweet flamingo quilt.  Quite a skilled bunch of quilters to be associated with!

"Give light and people will find the way."
- Ella Baker

Have a terrific week end.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Talented quilters......

Who I am fortunate to call friends.  Our quilt group met this past week and there were some amazing projects shared.

Brittany made this improv log cabin.  She comes up with some amazing deigns of her own using bright and colorful fabrics.

This is another of her sparkly designs.

This is the border which Brittany has chosen for the above design.

And, this is the Tula Pink Halloween quilt which she is also working on.  I believe she said that there will be 9 of these large blocks in all.

Lorraine has been working on this Buttermilk Basin's Halloween pillow...….so clever!

Lorraine does marvelous needle point.  This charming piece definitely has a Mary Englebert look.

She also completed this colorful egg.  It is the second one she has shared with us.

Last but not least of her projects is this nutcracker.

Jennifer had completed this adorable Dachshund quilt...….oh, so cute!

This is the pillow to accompany the quilt.  Love the glasses and all of the colorful sweaters they are wearing.  Notice the quilting, which is comprised of doggy paw prints.

Julie and her sister just completed these cute bunny table toppers.
There were more projects which I will share tomorrow. 

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." -Mother Teresa