Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Today I am 68........

…… and I am grateful for every year!  Getting older definitely has some inconveniences, like stiff joints etc., but it has it's benefits too.  You know longer worry about what people think.  You are becoming much more attuned to your goals and what you believe. I find myself thinking more about my legacy and the message of my life.

On another note we are leaving on Wednesday to go to Ohio to visit are son and his wife, and our dear little grandson Wyatt. We are so looking forward to this visit.

I thought I'd share pictures with you from our visit to Kansas Troubles Quilt Shop.

One other summer we tried to visit on a Monday, only to find out that they are closed on Mondays.  This year we were in luck.

Their shop is not large, but packed with all of the looks that they are famous for.

A warm and homey look and feel.

I was attracted to the wee little quilt in the background that looks like butterflies.

I managed to get a close up look.  They had some wonderful plaids on sale, and I took advantage.

"Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet.  We all breathe the same air.  We all cherish our children's future.  We are all mortal." - John F. Kennedy


  1. Happy Birthday. I'll be 68 in October. It's nice to know your age and to know we are the same generation. I love Holland MI. We live just over the Indiana State Line and have gone to Holland many times.
    Hope your birthday is perfect.
    xx, Carol

  2. Happy birthday! Mine was just last week :) I love the Kennedy quote!

  3. Happy Birthday, Norma! Have a wonderful celebration and a grand year!
    It's my sister's birthday here so we are celebrating too :-)

  4. Happy Birthday, Norma! Glad that you also embrace each year and cherish the moments. Wishing you many more!

  5. Happy Birthday from Michigan ^;^

  6. Happy Birthday.....you're chasing me but you will never catch me...I will turn 73 on the 31st....You are right, there is a certain peace and contentment now. Have a wonderful day and a safe and fun trip.