Friday, October 18, 2019

I have some news......

My heart feels so cozy and has been warmed by all of your
thoughtful comments and well wishes.

I met with a surgeon.  Here is the plan.  Two of my vertebra are out of position and pressing on my spinal card.  This is severely decreasing the circulation to the lower part of my body.  The surgery is planned for early December.  I'm trying to assimilate all of this...… oh well, I am just trying to visualize getting back to my old routine.  I am mostly hoping to be able to honor my teaching obligation.  I will not be making kits for the time being, as the most pain comes with standing.  Walking a bit is not near so bad.

"Autumn whispered to the wind, "I fall: but always rise again." -Angie Weiland-Crosby

I have done very little Fall decorating.....  Gradually bringing out  some quilts and pillows, and a few of my favorite Fall things. I love this season so much I just couldn't ignore it.

The lighting is not very good and you can't see how cut the face is on my primitive cat.

I purchased this old crock on our travels during the early summer.  It has some chips out of it, was definitely imperfect, so I purchased it for a song!

A few years ago while attending a Country Living Fair in Columbus Ohio, I found this string of gourds.

This Maple Leaf quilt was a guilt I made 20 years ago.  I had quilted it using the Bishops Fan design.  

This pillow is a design by Maggie Bononimi. I loved stitching this design with Blackberry Primitives beautiful wool, and in Maggie's easy style.

This Thanksgiving pillow is from an old Needle Love book.

This quilt has been around for many an Autumn Time.  I remember buying the fabric while at Sister's, Oregon Quilt Show many years ago.  I was part of one of Bonnie Miles excellent tours.  I also remembering I won a set of nine patch blocks on that trip which I have made into a quilt.  I've been strolling down Memory Lane.  The pillow is from the same Needle Love book.

The crow pillow is one of my designs, called Autumn Time.  And cut cat face pillow is made from an old sweater section.  I couldn't pass this up at the craft show which Rita always offers at the time of her retreat...….. the one I teach at in Lee's Summit, Mo.  You will no doubt notice the pile of books there.  I am making my way through them, and enjoying the opportunity to do so.

Julie, purchased this pumpkin constructed from a cross slice of wood  The grain is quite wonderful, but this phot does not do it justice.

This is a red - white- and blue court house steps which I am making from my scraps.  It's been enjoyable.  It will be a throw size quilt with a pieced star border.  Slowly but surely.  I feel like I need to try and accomplish something.

The half square triangles on the left side of this little topper, are the corners which I cut off from the roofs of my house quilt.  Waste not want not! :-)  The corners are some 1 1/2" strips I have in a basket just waiting to be used.  I am going to mark this for hand quilting.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." -Albert Einstein


  1. You are always an inspiration Norma....take your time to heal - these are great times to slow down a little and think of all our blessings....
    Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers 🤗

  2. Love all your quilts and decorating pictures. So warm & cozy. Really love the Einstein quote -- my Dad felt this way all his life. Glad to hear there's a plan for you and your back. Let's hope and pray that you will have a speedy recovery -- you've got projects to plan & sew and plenty of folks who love you and wish you well! Peace.

  3. I am praying for a successful and restorative surgery for you. I follow and love your blog, but seldom comment. I have been "sorting" and have found some many of your patterns that I have purchased over the years, some made some waiting. I have a kit I purchased last year with snowmen and I will get it ready and each stitch will be a prayer for you as you recover.

  4. I'm so sorry your trouble has continued. Will continue praying for healing and a successful surgery for your return to good, active health. Thank you for sharing what is happening and for the sweet pictures of your quilts. You are dear to us out here in quilt land :-)