Thursday, April 25, 2013

Timeless Traditions Welcomes You

Here is a brighter garden
Where not a frost has been;
In its unfading flower
I hear the bright bee hum;
Prithee, my sister,
Into my garden come.
~Emily Dickenson

Hi, my name is Norma Whaley and for the past 2 years I have designed for Geoff's Mom as well as being a part owner.  Now I am moving on and have chosen Timeless Traditions Quilts as my new company name.  It has been a busy time for me!  I have designed 13 new projects which I will be debuting at Quilt Market in Portland.  The new patterns will soon be available at quilt stores and my new website.
Pictured is At Home In The Garden, which measures 48" by 60".  This quilt is done in all wool applique on a cotton background. I have chosen my favorite color palette when making this design..  My inspiration came from an antique quilt that had applique on a solid background.  This quilt shares some of my favorite things.....gardening, love of home, birds, flowers etc.  Another one of my favorite things are beautifully written words that I find meaningful.

My plan is to be previewing my new patterns here until my web site is up and running.


  1. Beautiful! I can't wait to see and order your wonderful new patterns. I know my customers will love them. Brenda

    1. Brenda...thank-you for your kind comment. Looking forward to seeing you at market. Norma

  2. Just love everything you are designing! I enjoyed viewing your blog and your designs and wanted to tell you how creative you are and how much I am going to enjoy making your patterns :o)

  3. Good luck !!
    Your designs are so amazing !