Monday, May 13, 2013

Threads of Time

"Joy in all its glory can only be obtained through unselfishness."  
-Ben Behunin

This little block is known as either the  "spool or as the "or as the "hour glass."  
To me it became the Threads of Time.  Having previously designed under the name "of Geoff's Mom"  I am now setting out on a new and exciting adventure, "Timeless Traditions" is the name of my new company and this quilt defines my beginning.  I've chosen this motif because of the story it tells.  This transition has changed the treads in my life's tapestry.  Life experiences have changed the weave of my story.  The threads on these spools are all dark, representing this dark time in my life.  However, on the lower right corner is a spool of gold.  This illustrates the story of my quilt.  
To all of my wonderful and generous quilting friends, you are "pure gold".  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loving encouragement.  You have influenced the weave of my life, and when I step back, I can see the beautiful section you have helped create.  The individual spools are united by the red sashing, which signifies how we are connected to each other.
On Monday morning we will be off to market.  We are leaving early so we can visit quilt stores along the way.  My sister-in law and friend  Brenda and my friend Kerry Green are along for the ride and I will appreciate their help.

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