Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Now this is Country Living!!

Here are a bunch of pictures with descriptions from the Country Living Fair.

4 friends enjoying a sweet treat.....after this we will need to kick up our heels again!

Oh good now we have found the important things! (kind of like the yellow brick road!)

Our bakery hangout...treats baked by Amish girls from Illinois.

This is one of our new best friends......he was handing out sugar cookies.....

An amazing antique quilt hanging on a fence

A close up look....notice the second row, the 4th one in

Love this chicken made from wood

And her main MAN.....or whatever!

Wonderfully colored wool pillows

Antique Quilt I Wish it had been labeled, because it has a story to tell

Setting the mood for pumpkin season!

Tall Dark and Handsome! This fellow, oh! So fine - was a model for Versace. He has a business selling handmade bags, hats and jewelry from Colombia.

Meet Jasmine: She has a real sense of style, don't you think? Her parents adore her so and call her Jazzy!

So precious, and all in pink.....

Just one more, Jasmine on the move!

I can't help myself. I'm feeling it kids......I adore the grand dogs, don't get me wrong......but Jasmine is the real thing!

This has been such a wonderful and exciting fair. Us four Gals have had such a great time seeing new beautiful things and meeting such fantastic people.

 On a business note, the drawing will be next week. Thank you to everybody who supports me. Love you all!

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