Friday, June 14, 2013

We will never forget

We found time for one last visit to the presidential library at Hyde Park......they were amazing people who served their country and the American people well.
We're back in the city riding a double decker bus and seeing the sights. We haven't discovered many quilt stores worth writing home about. We did visit Pin wheels on our way to the city, and they are the distributors for Diwabo fabrics in the U.S. we were able to purchase a little fabric there......we couldn't afford a lot.

This was one of the fountains at the site of one on the World Trade Center buildings. There is a fountain at each site. It was very sobering for me.

We had a down pour of rain the last rained like it certainly does not in Utah...and consequently we were drenched!!!!!  However, we laughed through it all, and now we are pleased to be home all inspired and ready to be creative!  And for me personally I will be busily helping my one daughter move to Ohio and help my other daughter plan her September wedding!

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