Monday, July 1, 2013

This Quilt tells a story

This an adaption of a Jan Patek girl gang quilt that I made several years ago.  Several of us made them and changed them to tell our own personal story.  I was raised on a dairy farm and so mine has milk cows on it.  My brother and I after milking the cows on a summer eve. would go fishing together, so I placed us there with fishing poles.  The title Jan chose, Town and Country was perfect for me because living in the country, we would go to town once a week to get groceries and to run all of our other various errands.  If we were lucky we would go to the A&W rootbeer stand to eat before heading back to the country.  And so,  when I look at this quilt all of this about my life comes to mind.  I always endeavor to make my quilts meaningful in some way.  In some of them the story might not be as obvious, but hopefully the label makes it special.  I really do see my quilts as part of the legacy I will pass on.

I hope to share other of the quilts that were made by other quilting friends at this time.  If any of those people are reading this please email them to me as I would love to show them on the blog.
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  1. I love it! Fantastic job and it really does tell your story.

  2. What a lovely story and quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a fun quilt that reminds you of your life! I'm hooking a rug with a similar family theme - it's been taking me FOREVER!

  4. This is an absolutely beautiful quilt Norma! I'm not a quilter but I have started wool applique after many ears of cross stitching. I can envision pieces of your quilt as wool applique. I especially love the barn and cows and chickens! I am a farm girl at heart.
    Are patterns of your adaptations available?

  5. Linda....I do not have patterns, as I made this quilt some time ago. Thank-you all for your kind comments.