Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Most Marvelous Read

The Rent Collector, by Camron Wright tells the story of Ki Lim and Sang Ly daily battle for survival at Stung Meeanchey, the largest municipal waste dump in all of Cambodia.  They make their living scavenging recyclables from the trash.  Life would be hard enough without the worry for their chronically ill child.  The story changes the day Sang Li finds a child's story book while scavenging in the the mountain of trash!  This is a story based on real people. For a documentary about the basis for the book go to,

The book ends with Sang Ly saying, "To this day, if we look carefully around Stung Meanchey, if we search for stories that teach truth and goodness, stories with lessons that can soften and change our hearts--we discover hope."
In a perfect day there is always time for reading!  May you have that kind of day.
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  1. Thanks for sharing Norma! It sounds like an incredibly inspirational book. I love that quote!

  2. This one looks good, i just ordered it from the library.....I'm excited I just set up my first block (the house block) from your "At home in the garden pattern" I love that one!! I'm doing a mix of fabric and wools.....


    1. You will love the book. I'm happy that you are doing your own thing on the quilt!