Thursday, August 29, 2013

Can one have too many quilts?

What a crazy question????  Not really.  My son built me this cupboard for my overflow of quilts.  It is full, but slowly I am giving them away.  I've considered selling some of them, in fact I have a few.....however, how do you ever get what they are worth?  I've decided I want to experience the joy of giving them a way to people that I love.  My daughters and family members have been the recipient of many of them, but now I need to be more far reaching.  It's important for me to put a label on the back, and a few words of inspiration to live by.  Now that I've had a birthday and I'm creeping beyond the big 6-0, I have started thinking just a wee bit differently.  I don't feel any older, and have quite a lot of spunk and things to do and places to go, and yes....quilts to make. My dear friend Leslie and I had breakfast together this morning to finish off the birthday celebration week, and found ourselves talking about want we want our legacy to be.  I found the quote below on pinterest and decided this would be a good time to share it.
"As you near the last stage of your life, what legacy would you like to leave?  Let that be your guide for how you live today.  Just Remember....Material success does not last but leaving a legacy of love trumps everything else.  - pinned from Judy
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  1. Thank you for your quote today, it has made me think throughout the day of how I want others to remember me. I appreciate your blog, patterns, ideas and thoughts as you share, almost daily with us. I look forward to each new post. Thank you, Jenny

  2. I am coming up on 63 next month. One's thinking does change as the seasons of your life change. I too look forward to every post. You have a generous loving heart that shines through your writing, your designs, and your thoughtfulness.
    Thank you

    1. Thank-you Linda.....You are kind and thoughtful just by taking the time to comment. Yes, one does become more thoughtful.