Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Blooms are Fading

This is a little wall hanging I designed.  It was taken from my quilt Plain and Simple which is in the process of being re branded with my new company name. If you are not familiar with this quilt it is a 30 block applique story that tells my story.  It is very dear to me, and I am happy to say it is mine and my creation.  My photographer has it now for photographing and when it is finished it will be on my web site.  Every block in this quilt is meaningful to me.  I love hollyhocks...and this is entitled Hollyhock Garden.  I have it hanging in my bedroom.  My friend Leslie Ison has the most beautiful hollyhocks, and she is saving some of her seeds for me, so that I might have them too.  Maybe I can post a picture of them soon, as her husband took a picture of them when they were glorious! 
In Utah, in August,our flowers begin to fade.......this is a desert after all.  Even though we live close to the mountains, our rain fall is not abundant.  I find myself beginning to think about the coming of favorite time of year.  And with that said, it reminds me that Fall Market in Houston is just around the corner.  I'd better not tarry with my thoughts any longer.  I need to get BUSY!

Henry David Thoreau's advise on that subject..."Its not enough to be busy; so are the ants.  The question is: what are we busy about?"
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  1. I will look forward to this pattern Norma; I love the lady in her garden. I can picture a wool applique block from the center. Your ability is wonderful.

  2. Norma will you be posting all your past projects? I love to see your work!

  3. Linda...I was not able to retain this design of mine. However, it will be part of the Sweet and Simple sampler quilt that is mine to keep. That pattern is being re done as I write this and will be available soon. Thank-you for the compliment!

  4. They will show up on my web site as they become available.