Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Home Again

Star Garden returned home from having a long visit in France.  She was photographed for Quilt Mania, special summer edition.  I rejoiced when she was dropped off by the UPS man!  I know you all understand and have similar emotions about your creations.  Now I'm waiting for the day when the quilt will stay home for she is now off on another adventure at a quilt store.  Any way for the short version of this story, this pattern can now be purchased off my web site. 
I know that Autumn is seriously just around the corner, because my adorable feisty little squirrel friends are gathering, storing and scurrying back and forth for more.  Some days I just get tired watching them and wish that I had that much energy.  For living in Utah, we have had more than average rain interspersed with marvelous sunshine.  A wonderful combination.  The leaves are turning all of those amazing fall colors in the higher elevation of the mountains.  It is time for a mountain drive, and maybe stop off for a picnic.
"There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again".   If my quilt would just understand that!
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  1. I am off to Victoria on Saturday in search of Quiltmania...just to get my hands on this pattern!! So nice to know that if I can't find the magazine, I can order it from you!! LOVE THIS PATTERN!!!

    1. So live on the Island? I've been to Victoria 3 times and loved every minute of it every time!

  2. This quilt is awesome !
    I have my copy of this quiltmania and really hope to sew it shortly.