Monday, September 16, 2013

New Quilt

Good Morning!  Hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable week end.  Ours was busy with sewing, farmers market, a football game that went until the wee hours of the morning because of overtime, and house cleaning.  I decided it was time for fall decorating, so I hauled everything out and now it is officially fall at 6942 Canyon Pines Circle.

This is my latest little quilt that is ready for a trip to the quilter. The backgrounds are from Diamond Textiles and the birds and tree are from wool. If you remember the background fabric with the ribbons in front for Katrina's wedding, that was a gift from Diamond Textiles for the occasion.  It is awesome fabric in a wonderful gray shade, and now much of it will be re purposed into clothing.  My daughters and I loved it so much we want to make something to wear over leggings.

Today I hope to start working on my winter quilt that has been hovering in the back of my mind for quite some we'll see what transpires.  I've missed not being able to keep my In the Meadow we can build a Snowman quilt so I'm going to try once again.  Now this does not mean I'm ready for winter in any way, I first want to savor every minute of fall.
"Teach us delight in simple things".  -Rudyard Kipling
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    1. A big thank-you over the ocean to you!!!

  2. Another beauty!! I don't know how you do it?! Love this one too! Keep 'em coming!!

    1. Its called market and trying to be ready! Thank-you

  3. Love this quilt Norma. Have always liked the "sheltering tree" meaning and I love birds and wool. This is surely a must have.