Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ruffles And Poof

Here are the skirts we made yesterday.  They are made from fabric already ruffled from  These skirts have an elastic waist band.  The have 2 inch ruffle fabric also, actually all kinds of ideas for these easily made skirts.  They make beautiful skirts for big girls too.  The larger of the two skirts will be worn by the little flower girl who is three.  the little one by the niece of the groom who is a wee one not walking yet. We also made a tu-tu which the flower girl can wear under her skirt if she wants more poof!  The poof seems to be an important requirement for her.  She lives across the street from Katrina and came over this week to tell her that yellow is her favorite color......and to ask how many more days until the party?  Jess has a moustache, and she informed her parents that when she grows up she wants to be a daddy with a moustache.  Apparently she is quite smitten with Jess's moustache. She is so very adorable and sweet, and very polite so I hope this all goes off with out an incident!  The ring bearer is Jess's nephew who is going to repel off the rock wall on the side of the mountain where they will be married and have the rings in his chalk bag.  A friend rock climber of the groom will assist with the ropes to insure safety....should be interesting.

Another interesting feature they have come up with is.......the groom is a collector of sort, actually that is putting it mildly! :-)  He has a wonderful OLD typewriter which he has cleaned and ready to go which will be placed on a table for the quest book.  They have specially designed paper which they will use for the guests to type their traditional guest book for them.  When my son married he and his bride had their guests sign quilt blocks which I had previously made to their specifications.  Their guest list was smaller so this idea worked out well. 

Bruce and I hope this is a special day for Katrina and that it will bring her great joy!  "A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give".  - Laurel Atherton
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  1. Such fun! They are all making their own "traditions"!

    1. They certainly did! This was all as they chose for their important day.

  2. Yes like these ruffles and poof, eh?