Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back to Fall

Wow!  I've gone from snow back to Fall.  I'm not about to pass up this glorious time of year.  I thought I'd share a little of my fall decorating with you and take a trip down memory Lane while doing so.  This is a bench with my Maple Leaf Quilt which I made 16 years ago.  Now how do I remember those details.....I read the label of course.......and by doing so I'm remembering the our trip to Canada with several family members.  We rented a cabin and spent time fishing, enjoying the serenity of nature and each other.  I was quilting this quilt at that time.  It went to Canada with me.  The pillow on the bench says Thanksgiving and is surrounded by a vine of bittersweet.  It is from one of the older Needle Love books.

My Oh My!  after fighting with this picture for the past while, I've given up the fight.  I would rotate it and it would look great then I'd post it and .......well you can see what happened.  I lost.  So you tip your heads a bit and enjoy the set of 3 wood pumpkins my friend made for me quite a few years ago.  Susan if per chance you are reading this....I miss you.

And here is my rather ordinary couch with an Amish looking quilt on the back.  Autumn colors set off by the black.  I made this quilt after I returned from a trip to Sister's Oregon with Bonnie Miles.  I'm not certain what year it was because I failed to put the date on the label......wish I had.  The cornucopia pillow is also from one of the older Needle Love Books.

This photo is kind of dark...I do my best, but I don't understand the dynamics of photography very well.   I'll try and be your eyes on this one.  In the center is a folk art cloth pumpkin which I purchased while on a trip to Ohio 3 years ago for the Country Living Fair.  While at the cabin we reminisced about that trip and what a great time we had.  The pumpkin is sitting in a ring of bittersweet, and he makes me smile.  I also have a bouquet of brings back memories of my Dad, for we had a bouquet of wheat at his funeral, because he was that kind of man.
"Peace is not something you wish for its something you make, something you do, something you are and something you give away".   -Quote    I felt drawn to these words today and want to wish all of you a peace filled day.  :-)


  1. oups ... have a wonderful day, you too !

  2. Nadine.......Thank-you! I look forward to hearing from you:-)