Friday, November 29, 2013

Feeding The Homeless

This was an amazing experience......the Greek Orthodox church which is located nearby the local Homeless Shelter serves meals to those in need every Thanksgiving.  Since Bruce and I were without house guest this year we decided it would be an opportunity to help out.  I discovered that some families do this every year, and that it is something they look forward to.......and what an amazing thing to share with their children.  Bruce shot this picture of some of us serving and I was so pleased that the little fellow was in the picture.  He is so serious about his job.  He is collecting 2 take out boxes for those waiting in a huge adjoining dining room.  This is an ideal location for this type of thing, as they have a huge commercial kitchen.  For a time my friend Trudy stood by my side serving the turkey, I was the mashed potato lady......any way, it occurred to us that all of that steam coming up from the steam table would be beneficial with our wrinkles....:-)  Kind of like having a facial.

How does pie for breakfast sound.......I'm certain Bill Cosby would agree.  The extended family members whom we celebrated with yesterday evening, agreed with enthusiasm.  And as we brought to mind the ingredients....eggs....butter from the dairy group........pumpkin, a vegetable or maybe a fruit, ....we weren't certain by that time of the evening, and not to forget the crust representing the grains in the food pyramid......and then the pie was topped off with a streusel topping, and here we have the pecans......and that gives one more protein.  And then the crowning touch, whipped cream....a little more dairy.   Now this just proves that anything can be rationalized just how ever we want to put the spin on it.  And so, I will let this be for today , for it's time to have pie for breakfast.

"Let a joy keep you.  Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by".  Carl Sandburg
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  1. So glad you enjoyed the experience of giving back and time with family and friends. Loved the Thanksgiving pillow from yesterday; simple vine and berries like our thanks for simple joys. Enjoy your day and "breakfast" pie.

  2. Yes, how we appreciate the simple joys! The pie is now gone.....Thank Goodness!!!