Thursday, January 16, 2014

Love Birds

Here is a picture of my new pattern called "Love Birds".  The size is 42" x 42".....just right for my kitchen table.  I just took a picture of the pattern cover as I don't have the real thing in my possession.  I was inspired by 2 sweet doves who live peacefully in my yard.  They are such quiet gentle birds.

This cute little pin cushion arrived in the mail yesterday from a friend who reads my blog.  I love how I have all these amazing friends I have not had the opportunity of meeting yet.  This arrived from North Dakota....and I will label it today, and treasure it always.  Thank you Lori.  As Lori said in the note, "One can never have enough pin cushions".
Today I have a quilt story to share with you.  I received this from another friend I haven't met face to face yet......however, I feel like I know her and that she is a kindred spirit.  Here is the story, Christie shared with me....this comes from Winston-Salem N. C.
Christie has a friend who loves to shop for unfinished quilt tops in any condition.  The can be just blocks, quilt strips, have one block missing or missing applique.  Some have holes or tears, and most are dirty.  These were quilts that were started by a woman who had an idea for a quilt....she started with passion, or a love, or simply a need for a quilt.  This friend of Christie's takes them home to give them the finished life that was their makers dream and intent.  She washes the fabric, she mends, she sews together the pieces to make the quilt whole.....then she hand quilts it.  She breaths new life into each one.
"I am always honored to see the finished quilt...each one lovely...each one with a story we will never know.  One can't help but wonder about the quilt maker.  I like to think that she is pleased that her quilt has been completed.  For me this is a story about honoring.  For sure, it is a process from start to finish; and, with every stitch, it is filled with love and honor".     - Christie Chance
This also reminds me of the story from a preface in one of my quilt books, where a pioneer woman had written in her diary, "I make quilts as fast as I can to keep my family warm, and as pretty as I can to keep my heart from breaking."
I am so happy to be a quilter and to be included in such a fine sisterhood.  I'm not meaning to offend the men who create beautiful quilts.
"Live your life on purpose".


  1. I just found out how to contact you. Linda Frihart who was the winner of your generous gift. Wish I were more informed when it come to this type ofd corresponding. Love your patterns and blogs -- beautilful.

  2. Linda again and I didn't check "notify me" that you received my comments.