Friday, January 3, 2014

The week zomed by.....

My sweet husband is at it again!..........he's back up on the fireplace hearth holding a quilt.  If you look on my web site there is a pattern called the Red Cross quilt.  This is made from that pattern.  If you want to make a truly scrappy quilt, this is it.  Very little planning went into this quilt.......I just grabbed from my scrap bin and cut.

Here is a close up of one corner........I see now that the one block has a light enough center that it disappears.  But that alright.....makes it look old.
I want to share something with you that might be helpful to think about as you approach the new year.  It was written by Lowell Bennion and was given to me by my friend Leslie a few years ago.
Learn to like what doesn't cost much.
Learn to like conversation, reading and music.
Learn to like plain food, plain service, plain cooking.
Learn to like fields, trees, brooks, hiking and climbing hills.
Learn to like people, even though some of them may be different from you.
Learn to like to work and enjoy and enjoy satisfaction of doing your job as well as it can be done.
Learn to like the songs of birds, the companionship of pets.
Learn to like gardening, puttering around the house, fixing things.
Learn to like the sunrise and sunsets, the beating of rain on the roof and windows, and the gentle fall of the snow on a winters day.
Learn to keep your wants simple and refuse to be controlled by the likes and dislikes of others.
In other words......Enjoy the Ordinary!
Next Wed. will be my first drawing for 2014.  I announce the winner on my blog......I do not contact other words, you must be present to win!  Two names will be drawn for the pillow pattern of your choice.  Have a great week end.


  1. Oh Norma, I love the quilt and those words of wisdom just touch my heart. We appreciate the same is man made...ordinary things are gifts from God!.

    1. Ann.....we need to meet. I refer back to that piece on my blog from time to time to help keep me on course.

  2. I think this is just what I need to get rid of to many scraps

    1. It's a good one and anything works. It is the alternate block that ties it all together.

  3. I love this pattern of yours - fun to see it done in a different version!

  4. Absolutely love the poem and I will be copying that one. What a great scrappy quilt!

    1. Thank you.....a simple life is least for me.