Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Show and Tell....


 Wow!  That is all we could say when we saw this quilt.  Several of us loved it so much we would like to make it.  Could anyone help us with the name of the book it is in......we'd appreciate any info available.  We were so enamored with the quilt we didn't ask the right questions.

I took a couple of close up pictures as the show and tell parade moved around the room.

It is simply fantastic work!

Here she is, the talented person who made this quilt. 
She also was the maker of my Sweet and Simple quilt design shown below. 


Here is a close up of Amy's  newest quilt design which she will be taking to market in Pittsburgh.  Her patterns are marketed as "Under the Garden Moon" logo.

A friend Carrie who came from Idaho for the retreat, just finished this pillow top, which was a design of mine from a while back.  I love how she has modified it and made it her own.

Kerry Green who is a friend of mine taught a class on making this scissor pull.  It is so very cute, and she is a master at embellishment and every special and unique stitch imaginable.

You just clip it on your clothing and there your scissor is when you need it......instead of looking for it every time and digging for it in the cushions of your chair or the many other places it seems to hide.

Kerry, also showed this table mat which she uses to teach her classes on embellishment stitches.  The work is masterful.  Kerry sells her patterns under the Kerry Stitch Designs logo.


Isn't this spectacular?  This quilt was made by Wendy.

Here is a close up of one block.  Its made from all dotted fabric and is so cheerful!

And here is her label on the back....."Very little is needed to make a happy life.  It is all within yourself in your way of thinking".   -Marcus Aurelius

  Teresa is proudly displaying her latest creation...and with good reason it is charming.  It is a Kim Deihl design.

Teresa also made this adorable is from my Pot of Posies design.  She just made one posie into a pin cushion.

This block was made by Laurie Smith, who works at Village Dry Goods in Brigham City.  They have a wonderful store which has been expanded....nearly doubled in size.  The block comes from the "Prairie Woman's Sewing Circle" by Pam Buda.  This block is Journey 5.  Laurie is the leader of the sewing circle.
I'm certain you have been inspired......I certainly was.  Now I need to get busy as I'm teaching a class at my friend Liz Cowan's home this afternoon on my latest rabbit pillow.  I'm looking forward in sharing the afternoon with friends, and perhaps making some new ones.
"It's almost's safe to say, I saw a crocus yesterday.
It's colors bright...a lovely thing,
My heart rejoiced, twill soon be spring".  -unknown


  1. What a wonderful show-n-tell! As to your quote today -- I have a couple of crocus blooms but no flower yet. Your quote has given me hope!

    1. I have more and more primrose blooming every day, and the flowering trees are becoming more full and beautiful every day......its teasing us, and will soon be here to stay.

  2. Hi there!

    The quilt at the top is The Civil War Bride quilt. It is available at

    I would love to make this quilt too!


  3. Hi Norma, there is a blog set up for people who are working on the quilt you admire it is the quilt is based on an antique quilt and there is a link to an Australian shop that sells the pattern for 40 Australian Dollars. Hope this steers you in the direction to find it.

    1. Thank you! Everyone is so kind and helpful.


    it's from this book, hope this helps, Helen

  5. Hi Norma and Welcome Back from your quilt retreat! I am slowly pouring over your wonderful pictures. I too, love the blue that was used as a background for the reproduction fabrics in yesterday's post - lovely! (And I wish I knew the name of the fabric, it's just so pretty!!)
    The first quilt in today's Show-and-Tell is The Bird of Paradise and the original is in the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. I agree with you - absolutely gorgeous!! It too, is on my list of quilts to make!
    The patterns can be found in a book by Karen Mowery entitled A Bountiful Life and it runs about $22. The only thing is that the patterns all have to be enlarged and that can be a pain.
    It is also offered at for $40AU and the patterns are all full sized and they did a wonderful job with them.
    You may also want to check out as there are wonderful posts of folks that have been/are working on this quilt and they post their blocks and comments.
    This is probably too much information, but as you can see, I just love this quilt too!!!

  6. Hi Norma,
    The beautiful applique quilt is from the book "A Bountiful Life" by Karen Mowry. It is an adaptation of the Civil War Bride Quilt. It looks like you had a great time at the Zermatt, I love all of the great photos.

    1. Thanks will have to try and join us next year. Happy sewing.

  7. Love seeing the beautiful version of A Bountiful Life. I made a smaller version a couple years ago as an entry in the Morton Masterpiece contest and the author, Karen Mowery was my biggest cheerleader. She was such a sweet lady!
    What a fun group of talented ladies! I looks like it was a great time filled with inspiration.

    1. It is such a lot of fun.....thanks for the info. See you soon in Pittsburgh.

  8. Yes, here's a link for you. I have the pattern, and I don,t think I will ever get around to using it, so if anyone would like to purchase it from me, let me know. Here’s a fabulous quilt in the style of 'The Bird of Paradise quilt' in the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. Heavily appliquéd blocks of flowers & leaves, birds & butterflies, animals and fruit. 68” square — Indulge your passion for appliqué!
    The complete pattern includes full size blocks & borders: $40.00

    1. Thanks.....hope you find someone to purchase your pattern. I would have, but I already placed an order.

  9. Although the quilt you asked about looks somewhat like the Civil War Bride by Corliss at Threadbear it doesn't have the stretched or elongated blocks that the quilt has. It's definitely from the book A Bountiful Life by my friend Karen Mowery. She made her pattern as close to the original as possible with the exception of the "groom" block which she designed based on the templates that the museum got with the quilt.
    I made the rooster block and left border for Karen's quilt for the book and it was a really fun quilt to work on.

    1. The quilt is a real masterpiece.....I hope I find time to make it.