Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Good Mix....

Yesterday was a good my daughter Katrina would say, "You gave your self permission to take a nap...way to go".  I had the most delicious nap in our big leather recliner snuggled under a quilt.  I also took time to read and of course spent some time sewing.  In actuality I was probably sluggish from all of the wonderful rich food we has eaten the night before!
This is my adaption of the first Girl Gang quilt.  The original quilt was quite a bit smaller.  I just couldn't let well enough alone and the quilt continued to grow.  It is a wonderfully folk art design that Jan Patek is known for.  It was the quilt which provided a cozy  and snuggly napping experience.
Today I hope to finish the Garden Whimsy quilt, which I will then be teaching at Corn Wagon in August.  On The second day they have chosen Silent Night for me to looking forward to that event.
"Go into the world and do well.  But more importantly, go into the world and do good".   -Minor Myers Jr.


  1. Thanks.....I like it, but most of all I love that sweet smiling happy dog. Is it a golden lab?