Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April showers bring May flowers...

....and the skies look like they will bring rain today.  Always thankful for rain.
I have 4 new items which will be added to my web site......perhaps they already are there, I didn't look this morning.  Some of you have asked about kits for the Liberty table runner....I hope to start on them today.  It was in my plans for yesterday, but instead I printed patterns most of the day.  My sweet and helpful husband has taken it upon himself to do the post office runs.....for that he gets a gold star on his behavior chart for sure!  :-)

This is Mattie's Quilt.  It is a replica of a quilt that was originally called Mammy's quilt, by the family whom she served.....Her name was Mattie.  As you can see this is truly scrappy, just as hers was.  Mine has a few of my husbands shirts in it.

And then you've seen, The Stars are Shining.....and now it has a pattern.  I love stars and nine patches.....among many other things.

The welcome quilt has been completed and the pattern will be finished today or tomorrow and then it will be the property of The Quilted Windmill in Pella Iowa.
"People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do".   -Lewis Cass
Wishing you a happy day.  :-))


  1. Wow!! YOU have been busy...and all are wonderful!! What a lovely windmill quilt to hang at The Quilted Windmill!! Another shop to add to my growing list!

    1. Some day you need to go to Pella Iowa for their tulip festival...you'll be glad you did, it's great fun.