Thursday, June 19, 2014

A sweet and gentle people.

Visiting Katie Stoltzfus was a highlight for us on this trip.  If you would like to visit her and her little shop called Country Lane Quilts, her address is 221 South Groffdale lane, Leola Pa.  I've had the privilege of meeting her several years ago when I took a quilt trip to the area.  We shared a meal with them in their home twice. The time before this present visit was shortly after the tragic school shootings at the Nickel Mines School on October 2, 2006.  One of Katie's grand daughter's was killed and another one injured.  After having an amazing meal with them, they sang a hymn to us which they had written for the funeral.  As you can imagine there was not a dry eye amongst us.  It was an experience that I will never forget.
I purchased a cook book from has many great recipes, but it also has a copy of the hymn they sang and poems that were written in loving memory of the girls who died.  Today I want to share one of the poems with you.
If Tears Could Build A Stairway
If tears could build a stairway
And memory were a lane
We would walk right up to Heaven
And bring you back again.
No farewell words were spoken
No time to say good bye,
You were gone before we knew it
And only God knows why.
Our hearts still ache in sadness
And secret tears still flow
What it means to lose you
No one will ever know.
But now we know you want us
To mourn for you no more
To remember all the happy times
Life still has much in store.
Since you'll never be forgotten
We pledge to you today
A cherished place within our heart
Is where you'll always stay.
When we asked Katie how they were doing, she responded, "getting use to our new normal".
Katie's beautiful and well tended garden.


The farm dog had puppies. I can't say for certain, but there were either 6 or 7 of the pudgy little pups.

Here are a couple of Amish quilts which I picked out as my favorites.  The prices are very reasonable, and the quilting is stunning!


"Life is about moments.  Don't wait for them, create them".       life quote
More coming tomorrow.


  1. I've been at the Stoltzfus farm several times also, the first back in the 90's when the youngest was about 2 and Katie's sweet Mum was at her side helping with the meal for our group. The meal and the quilts were incredible. Only place I've ever had succotash and loved it. The are a strong family bonded together with their faith. The hymn certainly goes right to the heart.

  2. I have had an affinity and love of the Amish way of life for many years. I saw a movie based on the school tragedy and then read a book written about it. I visited Lancaster many years ago and was in awe of the many little fabric shops and quilts. They definitely live the "simple life".

  3. Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem and life quote. Angela in California

  4. Angela..I don't think I've heard from you before.....happy you enjoyed it.

  5. Katie sounds like an amazing woman. How special it must be to get to know her.
    The hymn brings tears to my eyes as well.

  6. Norma, What a beautiful tribute to the Amish way of life...their Faith and community provides comfort and peace when tragedy strikes. The poem really touched my heart. Katie's garden is beautiful and her quilts are stunning...her life is truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Ann