Monday, August 25, 2014

More rain.....

I have never seen our mountains so green at this time of year.  And it has been in the 70's. just perfect weather.  Last evening our two daughters and hubbies came to dinner, along with Grandpa.  Two of the grand dogs also were present and hovered about at our feet hoping for spillage.  It was such a lovely evening to be eating out doors on the patio.  Chad grilled lamb chops which were accompanied by fresh produce.  The girls made the best caprese' salad.......a big YUM!  We rounded it off with fresh peach cobbler which had a few raspberries thrown in for color. With so much unrest and unhappiness around the world, I found my heart over flowing with gratitude, as I watched the easy happy conversation flowing around me.  I want to have a deeper awareness and appreciation for all of my blessings.  We missed Ben and Erin, but I spoke with Ben and he was cooking some yummy food at his house for the family there.

Our little quilt group met this past Thursday eve at Diane Wards home.  Gaylyn brought these 2 old family quilts to show us.  The one above was made from suiting's, wool and heavier type fabrics and was tied at the corners of the squares.

This charming quilt consists of rows and rows of alternating triangles, no doubt made from fragments of cloth leftovers from clothing.

The remaining beautiful creations are Diane's handiwork.

I have always loved this Civil war row quilt.  I made one of these, and now I'm inspired to bring it out and enjoy it.

This stunning quilt adds warmth where it hangs on the wall in her dining room.  I faced it while eating a delicious salad with all of the fixings which she had prepared for our dinner.  I so enjoyed studying the quilt and loving how she chose to layout the blocks.  Diane has a love of Civil war fabrics. 

Log cabin quilts have long been one of my favorites.  This one looks so warm and inviting where it is displayed over the table.

Diane made a small version of this basket quilt and it provides a charming back drop on her wall.

The 2 quilts look lovely over the back of this wonderful old bench.

Leslie brought this colorful vintage looking quilt which she has stripped onto a foundation of muslin.  I have always wanted to make one of these.....will we have time to make all of the quilts that we want to make?

 Here is the pillow I made which I will call Autumn Days.
This is the quote which I chose to put on my label.
"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Autumns.  It would be just terrible if we went from September to November wouldn't it".
Anne of Green Gables
"Joy in all its glory can only be obtained through unselfishness".
-Ben Behunin 
Once again thank you to everyone who entered to win the blue Penny Rose fabrics.  The 12th responder was Ann from Pa.  I'll be having more to give a way soon. 


  1. That pillow is adorable and the quote is perfect! How fun to see the older quilts and all the beautiful quilts in your friend's home--I need to do some decorating!

  2. Love your pieced background on the crow and pumpkin pillow, your labels great.

  3. Thanks for sharing pictures of the quilts on display in Diane's home - she has some really lovely ones! My kids went camping in the Uintas on Friday. Saturday I got a text from them saying they were moving camp so they could get out of the SNOW! I was so surprised to hear that! LOL