Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Need to hurry.....

this morning, because a bunch of us are meeting for doughnuts.  A new doughnut shop was discovered and they are supposed to be the best......we are going to check it out.  Our plan is to pick up a bunch and deliver them to my husbands office, where are friend Trudy works.  Perhaps I'll eat one in route! :-)
Amish Blessings is complete, the pattern and all......The name came about as the result of our last visit to our friend Katie whom we visited this summer in Pa.

Thought you might like to take a peak of the back.

And, Harvest Blessings is complete.  I've made several kits for this one which I'm taking to the San Diego quilt show this next week.
My friend Leslie made me this adorable apron which I'm modeling....and a set of the best oven mitts.  I am hoping to make some of these mitts for my girls. They are perfect....not too bulky.

"Because nothing happens unless first we dream."
Carl Sandburg
Tune in tomorrow for a doughnut update and for free fabric!


  1. Hey, are you going to have a booth at the Road to California in January?? It is a huge QS held in Ontario, would love it...and so would we!!

    Love the Amish Blessings quilt (all my colours!!) and the Harvest Blessings is a MUST do!! Do I detect a theme here?? Bet you are working on Christmas Blessings?

  2. Norma, your quilt pictures are always such a treat! I thought the front of the Amish quilt was just so beautiful until I saw the back - wonderful quilting!! Also your new apron and mitts are such a great gift - I love them both! And yes, I am drooling over your Harvest Blessings - do you ever sleep?! ;o)

  3. Love your smile, comfy bare feet, and Harvest Blessings!