Monday, August 11, 2014

Today...... the beginning for amazing possibilities.  I love Mondays for that reason.  I ponder the fact that I have a new week with new possibilities.  I have in my mind what I'd like to accomplish, but I also believe in the possibility that something out of the ordinary might occur.
The week-end was full and busy.  Bruce and I have been working at reclaiming our space now that it is back to just the two of us.  The cats went home yesterday.  Saturday, I made a big pasta salad and visited the new house being made into a home.  Chad and Abbie were anxious to share with us all of their accomplishments from 2 days of hard work.  It's so heart warming to see how happy they are to be back.
A visit to the farmer's market was is order.....

Bear Lake raspberries.......have been delicious......we've enjoyed amazing cantaloupe, and fresh green beans.

I do believe it's time for stuffed peppers.....

And the peaches.....I like them best hanging my head over the kitchen sink with the juice dripping off my chin.  They are not too bad in cobblers and pie either.....or on ice cream. :-)

And Green River Melons......They come with a semi truck and go home empty.

There are always lots of delighted with the outing and the opportunity to sniff all of the other dogs.......seems like quite the time to strut your mutt.
There is much more, but by this time my hands were full of produce bags that I had given up on picture taking.
Tonight dinner will consist of corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes in some form, green beans and what ever Bruce wants to cook on the grill.
"A well spent day brings happy sleep".    -Leanardo da Vinci


  1. Making my mouth water, Norma. Here in Park City we have various faer'a markets also and they are what summer is all about. Have a great week!!

  2. Yum! I love Farmers Markets. We have some amazing ones here on the Central Coast (California). Will you be canning any of those peaches? Yum yum yum!