Monday, October 13, 2014

A Productive Weekend.....

I had the entire weekend to my self as my better half was out of town.  My schedule was my own.  I ate at odd times, and I sewed.

The quilt top to Autumn Sky is complete and now it's off to the quilters.  The blocks are 9 inches and the finished quilt is approximately 68"x78".  The border is a splendid new plaid from Diamond Textiles. 

The striped sashing is another of their new homespuns.

I've been hoarding the inner border fabric which is an old Brannock - Patek fabric.  You know how it is, there are just some of those fabrics we don't want to part with.

And....I started a new applique project.  This will be the center of a new quilt.  I've been dreaming and speculating about this design for quite some time, and I think the time is right to get started.  Some projects I like to think about for a while and see how they develop.  I've got many ideas, but nothing set in stone yet, as to it's development.

I'm always so pleased when I'm sent pictures of completed projects by those who read my blog and purchase my patterns.  Glynis sent me this picture of her finished Home is Best wall hanging.   It's lovey!!  Thank you for sharing.
And, Lynn Jenkins sent this photo of her Pumpkins on Parade table runner.  It just needs to be quilted.  Thank you Lynn.

Baby Wyatt is getting sniffed by their black Lab.  She approves, because she gave him a big lick!
I will not be blogging tomorrow, because I'm leaving this morning for a quilting field trip and adventure with some of my quilting friends.  We plan on spending the night away from home so we don't need to be so concerned about time.  I'll take pictures so I can share the adventure with you.
"To get the full value of a joy, you must have somebody to divide it with".
Mark Twain
I'll be back on Wednesday.


  1. Have fun on your field trip! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. What great projects you shared in this post.

  2. Love the new applique block. I particularly like the small blooms on the sides that almost look like they are peeking up out of soil. And Wyatt is adorable!

  3. Congrats on your first grandchild. It will be the best time of your life. No amount of money or deeds can ever buy this kind of joy and happiness. Keep a journal of all the cute things they do and say. Those hugs and kisses are truly gifts from God.

  4. Enjoy your fun quilting adventure!