Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Antelope Canyon

Page, Arizona is considered the gateway to canyon country.  In close proximity is Lake Powell.  After teaching on Thursday morning, Leslie and I decided to get out in the beautiful weather and see something new......we chose Antelope Canyon.  We had a marvelous guide who was Navajo and a university of Arizona student. She began by telling us that the canyon was discovered in the 1930's by a seven year old girl tending sheep.  When some of the sheep disappeared she followed and discovered the canyon.  That seven year old girl was her grandmother.
What you see just outside the entrance.
Entrance to the cave.

Looking up....

Depending on where you are in the canyon, it can be very dark....our guide often used a flashlight.


Our guide called this photo the flame...

Looking up...
This incredible canyon has been created over many thousands of years by the relentless forces of water and wind, slowly sculpting the sandstone into the forms, textures, and shapes which we see today.  You do not want to be here in a flash flood.....they keep a close eye on the weather.

At some times during the year the when the sun is more overhead, the photos are much more dramatic.

We look pretty small don't we....

Our guide showed us where to stand to get this amazing is called the eye.
I hope I haven't bored you, but this was an amazing experience.  Next year I would like to explore the lower Antelope canyon....this one was the upper.
Now for our winners for todays drawing.....
Karen Martin
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-Peace Pilgrim


  1. Wow! Hope I can visit there someday!

  2. I had not heard of this canyon, even tho I visited the area many years ago. It looks incredible, and your photos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your pictures are amazing. What a beautiful place to visit, I have never heard of Antelope Canyon but I would love to explore..thanks for the pictures.