Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ben Behunin the potter.....

....was at the retreat at Bryce Canyon.  Ben's visit is getting to be an annual event and everyone is pleased.  He shares his wit, wisdom and words of inspiration with us.  His work is amazing, and if you'd like to check out his web site   www.potterboy .com, Wild Rooster Artworks is the name of his business.  Ben has written several enjoyable books which I have enjoyed and highly recommend.
I purchased this little dish, because I want the reminder it gives to frequent a table where I will have a constant reminder of the wisdom it offers.

Just one more....."Wake the dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving."

This sweet little butter dish is a gift for my daughter Katrina who is a bee keeper.

And this one is a gift for my daughter Abbie who loves funky little birds.

Spring Blooms is now available on my web site, and I am in the process of making kits.

The next divider in the journal.......will be given away very soon.
"It is up to you to illuminate the world." - Philippe Venier
Enjoy a happy hearted day!


  1. I've read Ben's books too - they're great! I bought a plaque from him at the Park City Arts Festival years ago and still enjoy it, but I'd sure like something like your little glazed dishes! I think he has a studio Open House near Mother's Day - I'll have to check the date & get it on my calendar - have seen pictures of the place and it looks awesome! Love your Spring Blooms quilt - the color palette is so pleasing to the eye!

  2. Your little dishes are beautiful treasures and thank you for the link. Love your table runner! It's so cheerful.

  3. Perfect gifts for your daughters! And love your runner...it's just screaming SPRING!!

  4. What lovely pottery dishes. I can see why you bought them all, how inspirational they are.

    Love that journal Norma, great words of inspiration in it also.

  5. I love your Spring Blooms table topper! I don't know the name of your online shop to order it when it is available.C