Monday, February 9, 2015

Bryce Canyon Quilt Retreat......

I have so much to share with you over the next week or so.  The retreat was absolutely the best yet, and I say this every year.  My 4 classes went well and the ladies are just so marvelous and dear.  I had some time to stitch, and here are the results.....

The teaser I left you with before going to the retreat.... here it is with the first border added.  I have the outer border picked out, and am still considering a name.  It will be perfect for my table this spring.  Speaking of spring, we have been having spring like weather.  We have broken records in the state for the warm temperatures.  Today it was 68 degrees......making us think that spring is just around the corner, but that surely cannot be possible.

Lets start at the very beginning......a very good place to start...... Leslie got right busy stitching.  We did not want to waste any time.

And here I am determined to get the spring table topper completed.......I appliqued every chance I had.

Here are Leslies hand knitted and felted slippers.

And our stash of goodies.
I also found time to finish reading, Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth.    I had watched the series on PBS, but as usual the book is just as good if not better.  I have a caption from the book that I want to share with you....."Now and then in life, love catches you unawares, illuminating the dark corners of your mind, and filling you with radiance."  I would recommend this as a very good read.
"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.  Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes."  -Carl Jung
I will have more to share over the next few days.  I wish you all could have shared this amazing retreat with me.


  1. Norma, that is the SWEETEST Spring topper! Perfect for a table! Love your friend's slippers too! So glad Spring has come to your corner of the world! Enjoy!

  2. Your spring table topper is just lovely.

    I also love Leslie's slippers, I'm wondering if I could get the pattern name/number of them. It looks like they fit so well.

  3. I have friends who have read and enjoyed the "Call The Midwife" books, but I haven't done so myself yet - sure like the TV show! Looks like you & Leslie brought lots of yummy snacks - important to keep the energy level up, yeah? Look forward to seeing more pictures....

  4. Oh my gosh. Your bunny project is so beautiful. I love all your fabric choices and your design. Just so awesome and wow what a lot of hand stitching. It would take me years to get that much done. Beautiful work!!!

  5. Love your bunny table topper quilt! Such pretty fabrics and so cheery! Thanks for sharing another wonderful design.

  6. Love, love, live your new piece. Come on Spring! And I want Leslie's slippers :-))

  7. It appears a great time was had by all! What always comes to my mind when I hear Bryce Canyon is the three years out of 22 that hubby served aboard that ship homeported out of Long Beach. Wonderful days back there in the 60's!!
    It's also nice to hear about 'spring' when we are again getting more snow back here in the East. Oh well... when the going gets tough, the tough get stitching! Finishing up on a Valentine wool mat today. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  8. Loving your spring bunnies and flowers.

  9. Norma, I love your bunny topper. Will you be selling the pattern?

  10. SOOOOO loved sharing the same atmosphere with you and Leslie this past week. You are both so loving, warm, talented, friendly and funny ---- thank you!!!

  11. I see Leslie hand quilting? Does she bind the quilt first? I'm hand quilting for the 1st time and can use all the advice possible!

  12. Your bunnies are adorable but your goody table amazed me! We used to get the Kirkland Chocolate Almonds from my sister's Costco in Denver but they are no longer carried there. The Australian licorice I only just discovered at the Air Force Base here in IL last week -- YUM!!! Obviously I loved your quilts but I lingered over the goodies! Hahaha! I think I'll be using the quote from your book as my email signature for this week. Loved it!

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