Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Barbara's Quilts...

After our quilting evening at Barbara's house, I have some of her quilts to share with you.
These two blocks were on her design wall, and I loved them both.  The above block is hand pieced......Barbara enjoys hand piecing some blocks for the sake of precision.  As a matter of fact, I also enjoy hand piecing.  I am doing most of my Dear Jane blocks that way.  I love sewing at my sewing machine, but there are times when nothing but hand work satisfies me. That is one of the reasons I love applique.

This is a block I've thought about doing, and here Barbara has done it to perfection.

I apologize that this photo is not more clear, but this small quilt hanging on her wall is a piece of art.  Just so classic in design and the colors are masterfully selected.

Just pinwheels, but lovely just the same.

My new favorite snack.....I enjoy it so much I decided it was worth sharing.  I'm hoping you all have a Trader Joe's close by.

I have 4 fat quarters of Moda fabric to give a way to the first person to contact me with their address.
More from the book.....Your Life Is Your Message.  "There is no instrument of change more powerful than a well-lived life."  The author was referring to Gandhi here"His simple, loving life has done more to benefit the world than all the speeches and policies composed by politicians over the centuries."  The title for the book comes from when a reporter asked Gandhi for a message to give the people, his reply,  "My life is my message."  I have enjoyed reading this book once again, and if you are looking for a inspirational book to read, you might enjoy it also.  It is made up of short little one to two page chapters....just the right amount to read before going to sleep at night.


  1. Would love to win these beautiful fat quarters.

  2. Just emailed you.

    Pretties every time you post! I don't always comment because I'm usually hurrying through reading as many as I can get to with time permitting.

  3. Hi Norma,marrying to figure out how to contact you to win the beautiful fat quarters! Thanks

  4. I'm going to have to wait until next year to try this treat...no Trader Joe's here...:o((! Love those blocks and sweet quilts!!

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  6. I have e-mailed you with my address. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Mmmm... LOVE the fabric you are giving away! Someone is sure to feel super lucky when their name is chosen! You have me drooling over the partially popped popcorn snack now too! lol! We have a Trader Joe's near here... I haven't been there yet... looks to be a good time now! ;-)