Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Everything Grows With Love

I have my latest little project ready to be quilted.  I've named it...Everything Grows With Love.  A sweet little gardening angel flying the American flag.
I was so excited to use this new Diamond Textile fabric for the border.  The angel herself is needle turn applique, and the flag, flowers and bird are from wool.  Tomorrow, I hope to take it for quilting.  The finished size is 20 inches x 32 inches.
The angels skirt is also made from one of my favorite Diamond Textile fabrics, as well as her hat.
I've also started another table topper that I've been thinking about for a while.  I'll have something worth showing you, perhaps by tomorrow.  The temperatures have been in the hundreds so it has been a joy to stay in the house where it is cool and stitch.
"Well done is better than well said."  -Ben Franklin


  1. I LOVE it!! How do you manage to get so much done??!! I feel like I need to live to be 100 just to get all of your patterns done that I want to do :o)

  2. A sweet design. You are so creative.