Monday, June 8, 2015

The Gathering Baskets...... quilted, bound, the label has been sewn on and now it is ready for the graphic designer to do her magic on the pattern.  The pattern should be ready, hopefully, by the beginning of next week.  I have been busy cutting kits for it, and they should be completed when the pattern is ready.  Many of you have expressed interest in this quilt, so I will keep you up to date.
The first 12 kits I've made are from the exact fabrics.

The quilt is approximately 46 inches square, and is cotton appliqued on cotton.

This basket on the bottom has gathered.... Peace....Joy.....Love......Hope......and Faith. Gathering so that we might have something to give, and by giving we gather in return.....a never ending cycle.

And the label is in place.

Now, we are back to Sandy McKells lovely quilts.

Another pieced beauty.

I wanted to take this quilt right off the wall and curl up with it for a nap......something I'm very good at and often enjoy! :-)

This quilt was hanging in a hall so that I didn't get a straight on picture of it.  I believe it is a barn raising pattern. And I do not understand why this underline red thing has appeared!!!

A close up look.  We start a new week full of endless possibilities.  Keep a happy heart and seize the day!
"It is not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance."  - John Petit-Senn


  1. I love the new basket quilt. It's lovely! And Sandy's quilts are wonderful. I really love that plaid one :-)

  2. Love the Gathering Baskets quilt! And the rest of the eye candy....

  3. I am interested in a kit. How much ate they going to be?

  4. I tried to find the basket quilt on your site to order...I love the fabrics and wondered how much those 1st 12 kits are priced?????!!!!

  5. Love The Gathering Baskets! So wish there was more time in my day. . .I am working on Winter Wonderland and am loving your pattern. I'm sure when I finish that I will look for another one of your patterns - they are great!

  6. Another lovely design! I always look forward to your blog posts and seeing your new creations.

  7. Love your new basket quilt, are the kits on your website?