Monday, June 1, 2015

The quilt market trip continues.....

I still have a few more good things to share with you.

One more antique shop to share with you. All of the quilts hanging over the railing certainly caught my eye.  I really do love the traditional look of 2 colored quilts.

I'm not certain what this is, but I found the design interesting.  It would look beautiful in wool as a border design.  That is the way my mind is always thinking.

This was an exceptional quilt.....the pattern being a Drunkards Path.  It was quilted every 1/2 inch with a crosshatch design.  Just lovely!

A few more quilts, and a hula hoop......which of course brought to mind that my husband and Katrina my daughter won a hula hoop contest on a daughter daddy date night when she was in elementary school.  She was pretty proud of her Dad.

On Nicolette Ave. where the convention center was located as well as our hotel, there was this great manhole cover.....I couldn't pass it by without a photo.

Also there was this abstract design of a woman on the side walk...."Keep on sister sewing those hems, you integrated the union, ran for library board and won, keep on sister keep on."  Really loved this!


I have kits available now for Cottage Garden, and they should be on my web site today.  The complete kit for the quilt top is $79.00.  That includes the precut 1 1/2 inch strips for the alternate block.  If you would rather use your own scraps for the alternate block the kit will be $55.00.

Also, new on my web site is this handy pattern works great for holding your pattern by your machine or on your cutting table, it will hold several patterns for display purposes if you are a vendor.......and the good thing is that it comes apart for flat storage.  It will come to you primed and ready to paint your favorite color.  It would be great painted with chalk paint. It would work well to hold a beautiful cookbook on your kitchen counter too.
Wonder what this week will bring.......I have been very busy, but for the most part busy is good.
"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.  You wait and watch and work: you don't give up."  -Anne Lamott


  1. Thank you so much for the info about the kit. I like how you are offering it without the 1.5 inch squares. The timing is perfect for me to order as my mother-in-law sent me a check for my birthday which is tomorrow! I can't wait to order it! :0)

  2. That stand looks like it might hold my ipad.

  3. hello
    I live In New York City I would want to buy a kit of cottage garden but i am going to fly to France on saturday night do you think it is posible I get it before leaving?

  4. by the way my name is Gaelle I am not anonymous