Thursday, July 23, 2015

Aesop's Fable.....

Today I will share another fabric line from Penny Rose. 

This line is called the Fable Swan, and comes in brown, red and cream.

This group is called the Fable Fern....especially love the top piece.

Here is the Fable you will see this line is lovely.  It has the main toile fabric which depicts a scene of red and another of brown on a cream background.  I do not have a sample to show you, but trust me you will love it.
This adorable small print is called Fable Petals.

Can't you imagine a spectacular cream and red quilt out of this combination?  The toile print would be a marvelous addition, perhaps for an alternate block.

I really enjoy brown and am drawn to this line.  You will have to check these out at your local quilt store.

I continue to make more border added.  Today I spent the day with my husband consulting orthopedic shoulder specialist, as he has a very messed up right rotary cuff.  He needs surgery and all of the Doctors seem to be on vacation, so we're playing a bit of a waiting game.  This will definitely postpone our visit to Ohio.  We were so looking forward to seeing little Wyatt who is changing so quickly.  Perhaps later in the Fall something will work out.  Plans can change, oh so quickly.  Because of this change of plans my monthly drawing will be on the second Wed. of August as usual.
I have the kits made for the Garden Angel, using identical fabrics.  My web person is out of town on vacation so they are not available on my web site.  They are priced at 43.00 with the pieced elements precut.  If anyone is interested and do not want to wait, you can always call me.  I know some of you have asked me when the pattern and kit would be available.
"Love is our true destiny.  We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone.  We find it with another."  Thomas Merton.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your husband's rotary cuff...sounds painful! Hopefully he can have surgery soon and have those arms ready for holding that adorable GS!
    I'm loving your Life's a Patchwork quilt! It's nice to have something to keep your hands and mind busy in times like this.
    All the best!