Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Antiquing in Julian, Ca.


Julian, is known for its interesting shopping, apples and apple pies.  What a fun day Julie and I had.

There were so many interesting things and the prices seemed reasonable to me.

Wouldn't this just be lovely to stack quilts in?  There I was and without a car and trailer to haul it home!

I've decided that I really love succulents. 

Here are the two cute girls who collect the goodies and sell it.  On the counter is my oil can, which I hope to make a pin cushion to stick on the top....and a very heavy old iron to use as a book end in my sewing room, and tucked behind is the fluted pan which I am already putting to good use.
And here I am with all of my treasures tucked inside the old suitcase.

This picture should really be at the beginning.  Isn't this an interesting invite to the store which is called the Barn.


Here is the fluted tin made into a catch all for my sewing room.  I stuck this sunflower for a pin keep over the middle hollow part in the pan.
"Blessed are the happiness makers.  Blessed are they who know how to shine."  -Henry Ward Beecher


  1. I hope you stopped at Mom's Pies...they make the BEST pie EVER! Loved the loot!

  2. What a delightful store - how do you FIND all these great places? I need to start keeping a list of all the great places you visit so if I'm ever near one I can check it out for myself.

  3. Julian looks like an interesting place to visit. I'd never heard about it before, thanks for introducing it to me.

  4. I love Julian! When I lived in San Diego it was to ride up to Julian and meander. Plan a trip for March; they had Lots of lilac bushes and they sell bouquets! The aroma is wonderful.