Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Quilt Rack and Wool Cubby.....

.....located in North Platte, Nebraska, was the last quilt shop we visited on our summer trip to Ohio.

We visited many lovely shops and this wonderful shop was the grand finale.  If you are ever going across I-80 it is a must stop and visit shop, filled with great fabric and samples.

Besides having a fantastic selection of fabric, there was also beautiful wool.  I could have browsed for quite a while, but we had miles to go before we slept.



I fell in love with this adorable Halloween quilt.....right down to the black cat in the corner.

This string quilt was absolutely stunning and very unique.  I hadn't seen this pattern before.

I loved the stack of old suitcases.  Right after this trip I went to San Diego and found one similar in an antique shop while shopping with Julie.

What a striking quilt!  I'm a lover of red, and found this combination to be stunning.

With the right ruler, I'm certain it would be easy to make.

The classroom was spacious and full of inspiring samples.


While antiquing with Julie in California, I found this fluted tin which I though would make a great catch all for my sewing room.  I attached this sun flower on top for a pin cushion and found out that it collects my odds and ends very effectively.  Plus it's cute. 
A side view.  I might decide to make a bird or something that sets higher on the center section for easier access to my stuff.
"Never let success go to your head, and never let failure go to your heart."  -unknown


  1. Good morning - this is at the top of my favorite blog things - blogger's road trips to all these fabulous shops and places. I really enjoy the pictures to see what's being quilted in other parts of the country. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Lovely saying. Would love to visit that shop too!

  4. Great shop, love to visit shops like this, drooling over the contents, thanks!