Tuesday, December 8, 2015

More inspiration...

More of Brenda's civil war blocks.  I continue to have the ongoing urge to shop for fabric when I once again see these blocks.

I do believe this would be a good project for beginners to quilting, as you will notice the blocks look quite easy to construct.

I like projects where each block is something new to create.

Brenda has them all tucked in her book as she proceeds to the next one.

There is a wealth of history that is shared about each block.....I love that about Barbara Braakman's books.

It is too bad there are not more hours in a day that can be spent sewing.

But then some evenings I'm so ready to snuggle down in my bed with a book, that I'm glad there were not more hours.

Oh My!  I do love stars.

And the churn dash.....all of the traditional blocks which were dreamt up by the quilters from the past.



I do not have this gray fabric....and I really like it. I guess I'll put that on my shopping list.

I received this picture from Glynis of the Winter Wonderland quilt which she has completed in time for the season.  She made this from the kit which she purchased from my web site.  It is now hanging in her home.  Thank you for sharing Glynis.
"Think of life as a school for you soul; you are here to learn in perfect well being.  Here's a tip for life's pop quizzes: instead of asking why something happened, ask instead 'what can I learn?'  For extra credit, ask, ...and how may I serve?' -Jackson Kiddard


  1. Your civil war blocks are looking awesome, I cannot wait to see them all together. Such a clever idea to store them in your book whilst you make them all.
    Your Winter Wonderland quilt made by Glynis is so so pretty, great job.
    Smiles :)

  2. Love all the blocks, especially the one with a bit of pink. This book should be on every Civil-War fabric enthusiast's wish list. If I don't get it for Christmas, I'll definitely be purchasing it. So much inspiration for projects for the new year.