Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The snow continues to gently fall....

....and it makes for a perfect Christmas atmosphere.  Our Holiday will be spent quietly, as Abbie goes in for surgery today for a deviated nasal septum.  Her poor little nose was broken a couple of times playing basketball. We have a few plans made, but mostly we want to love her up, and see what she is in the mood for.

A few more pictures from our treasure hunting.

I love this block....notice the initials embroidered on the side.

A warm utility quilt made from suiting's.

Using up all those scraps, wasting nothing, and adding some pretty embroidery to keep their families warm.
A treasure trove of lacey things.
What a bunch of stuff to sort through.

More good stuff....I had my eye on those oil cans.  Pincushion would be neat attached to the top.

That box would hold plants on my porch once spring arrives once again.

Some woman was thrilled once upon a time to have this sewing would have made her life easier perhaps.

How true!

How clever is this......the box would be beautiful over flowing with flowers.

I was tempted by this charming picture.

A sweet child's baby buggy. Well loved and worn, proving the many miles it maybe covered by a little girl pushing her dolly.

I am partial to hats.  After deliberation I decided I could perhaps do without this one.
The parting quote for the day. :-)


  1. Love the oil cans also and the tall blue pitcher underneath. I just signed up for your class in Cave Creek; I am so excited to meet you in person.

  2. Hope your daughter did well today - I am three weeks out from the same procedure!
    Thoughts are with her.....

  3. Awwww... that little hat is so fun! :-) Looks like a wonderful antique shop with so many treasures... especially that initialed quilt block! I hope everything went smoothly with Abbie's surgery! Enjoy a Peaceful Christmas!