Friday, December 18, 2015

The week flew by once again.....

...I guess that means are lives are meaningful and that we are not bored.  I've had a great week creating, stitching and cutting kits.  All activities which I enjoy, especially we I'm cozy and warm inside.
These pictures are of the live auction.  Our table was not close to the front so some of the pictures are not the best.  This quilt was named Honey Comb.

Antique Fans

Stars of Friendship

Home to Roost

This quilt was spectacular and one of my favorite.  It was called Away from Home.

Old Fashioned Churn Dash

Mom and Me - Baby Steps

My dear friend Leslie....brought her knitting with her.  When we visited Eleanor Roosevelt's home in Hyde Park, New York, we learned that she rarely went any where without her knitting.  We decided right then and there that if it was acceptable for her, it would for us also.

Ships Ahoy

Enchanted Autumn

Stash Flower Garden

I do not have the name of this beautiful quilt.

Pennies for a Song

I will close with a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, "The rules of proper social usage, good manners, courtesy, kindness, and consideration are fundamentally the same for people of all ages and in all places."

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  1. I attended the auction/dinner once several years ago when my group donated a quilt - such a fun experience!