Tuesday, March 29, 2016


....once again, but that is typical for spring living next to the mountains.  The moisture has made the grass green and given the spring flowers a satisfying drink. :-)

One of the pleasures which I experienced on my last visit to California, was teaching at Grand Country Quilters.  I absolutely love the shop and the warm welcome that is associated with a visit there.  Karen Whitmeyer, one of the owners of the shop is working on my design called, Cottage Garden.  She will soon be selling the kits for this small quilt, and will also be teaching a class.  Her stitching is incredible and I'm excited to share what she had completed with you.

I used some cotton in my quilt, however Karen is using all wool.

Karen will be using a jelly roll of Diamond Textiles for the 25 patch alternate block.  The blocks finish 5 inches.

I accomplished some cleaning, organizing and sprucing things up a bit.  What a joy it was to get some Spring things out of storage and enjoyed in our home.  This is my quilt for the pattern I gave away.  The person who was number 6, forgot to give me her address, and I never heard back from her, so let's try again.  So many of you entered so I will give 2 patterns away this time.  This time they will go to number 1 and number 8.  Good Luck!

In The spring, I look forward to hanging this quilt designed by Linda Brannock over my fireplace.  It is called The Gardener, and I made it many moons ago.  I love it today as much as I did on its completion.

And, then it was time to bring out more spring and summer time decorations.  I love the change of the seasons.  The little vase holding the lavender was made by a student attending the University of Utah on a volley ball scholarship from The Czech Republic.  It is a treasured keep sake.  She made it in her pottery class in college.

I love this little table topper which I also made many moons ago....it especially looks lovely when the table has been shined with furniture polish!  :-)  Unfortunately it has been often neglected!!!  The covered box on the table is a treasure which Rebekah L. Smith made.

The quilt on the bench is one of my favorites design by Jan Patek.....and then my pillow design called Mr. McGreggor's Garden.

Nothing cheers me up so much in the spring as green plants, so I went out and bought a fresh Ivy today.

And, another bit of fresh green foliage has found a home in this cute little old box I found while shopping with Julie.  We love going through thrift shops.

Our quotes for the day which come from Judy's quilt.
That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.

Live well, laugh often, love much.

Where there is love there is life.


  1. I am in awe of your beautiful Spring decorating! Just lovely, beautiful quilts and displayed so perfectly. I also love the beautiful stitchery by Karen Whitmeyer. I would surely take her class if I lived in the area. Wonderful post - Thank you!

  2. thank you for all the eye candy!!! love the stitching on the bird...going to add that to my stitch book!

  3. Norma, your spring vignettes are so beautiful.

  4. I hope it wasn't me that missed your email. Because I forgot to put my name and address in the box so I went back the next day and put it in. I love the quilt and hope to win this time. I love the spring you put in your house. It is trying to be spring here in Missouri. Thanks, Nancy P.

  5. Thanks for the eye candy. Love it!

  6. I love how you display your special treasures, you have inspired me to add some spring to my house as well. I haven't started Cottage Garden yet, I'm tempted to order a kit from Karen!