Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dinner with the men.....

Grandpa came to visit and stuff patterns, and Chad came just because he's just about finished with school and is tired of studying for finals.  And Bruce's birthday is just around the corner, and we like to celebrate for a week or more, so we decided to have a celebration!  We love lamb chops cooked on the grill and served up with mint jelly, so that is just what we had.  Along with a green salad and baked potatoes.  Easy peasy and scrumptious!  While I sit typing away, I hear them talking about ice cream sundaes! :-)

You may remember seeing on my blog a little bird similar to this that I saw while shopping.  So today I filled this bottle with old buttons and perched this little bird I made on top.  I think it adds a sweet touch to this setting.  I like the yo-yo on her back.

Here is the surprise fabric I received in the mail from Julie.  It is beautiful and I absolutely love it!  Julie doesn't mess around, as she sent a full yard.  I usually love all of Barbara Brackman's fabric.
"Do more than belong: Participate.
Do more than care: Help.
Do more than believe: Practice.
Do more than be fair: Be kind.
Do more than forgive: Forget.
Do more than dream: Work."
-William Arthur Ward

If you've been busily sewing, don't forget to share your photos.


  1. Your little bird is so cute perched on top of the jar of buttons!

  2. Thanks for showing all those wonderful, beautiful new fabrics. I want them all.
    I know you'll design some amazing patterns that will make good use of them.