Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Country Sampler...

Enjoy today! 

Charm and inspiration which was in abundance from around the class room.

Julie and Catherine pondering.........

A giant pin cushion.

A splendid but simple quilt....just my style.  There was amazing fabric every where I looked.......some of each please!

The blue star quilt on the bed was made from cheater cloth.

Lovely.......and more fabric tucked away.

The Country Sampler specializes in incredible counted cross stitch patterns, and everything one needs to complete them.

When I see pictures like this I want to time travel back to those days.

Another section from the book I am reading.  "The culmination of everyday, no matter what it holds, carries the promise that tomorrow will bring the rest of your life.  Embrace what has come before.  Embrace what is before you.  In so doing, you will learn the joy of living.  You have to look for the joy.  You have to choose to find it."
More tomorrow.


  1. Jean and the girls really enjoy decorating and making the shop a "home".

  2. I love the quilt hanging over the cutting table!
    Looks like a very fun place. : )