Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fun thrifting......

Oh! Yes it is!  :-)

Lots of interesting stuff....And my two most happy places right now, are my sewing room and my favorite rocking chair where I read.  Actually, I guess that I could keep adding to that list.  I love my back yard when filled with bird song, and some nights my bed is pretty darn welcoming!  And then I love it up the canyon next to the stream, and in the homes of my children and.......................

An amazing hand quilted quilt and an adorable bird house.

I wanted this bucket, but left it behind.  If it is still there on my next visit it is meant to be......that's rational reasoning don't you think?  It will be my carry on for the airplane.  They will see me coming and it no doubt cause much speculation!  (What is this crazy lady thinking of!)

Oh! My....what a stern look and an interesting hair do!  I did love that bowl up on the shelf.

Can you begin to imagine what it would have been like to iron with this?  I think I'd just make a new fashion statement centered around wrinkles! :-)  This iron would make a great book end for quilt books.

Simple is best.

This is my amazing purchase at the Red Barn near Julie's home in El Cajon.  I've longed for a drying wrack for some time.  This one is in excellent condition, and I've hung it outside my laundry room.  It is in the up and out position and ready for action.  It holds a bunch of laundry on hangers.  I have many things that I do not dry in the dryer.

 "I think your whole life is in your face and you should be proud of that."  -Lauren Bacall


  1. Lots of good finds! Your post reminds me of a time when my family and a bunch of my Massachusetts relatives decided to go to Michigan for the Kebler family reunion (that is my dad's side of the family). My sister-in-law wanted to bring home one of the bricks from the original homestead. She wanted to carry it on for safe keeping and was told that it was on their list of weapons that were not allowed as carry on...go figure. And this was well before 9/11. So is a great looking bucket on the list (giggle)?

    Wishing you the best,

  2. Love your drying rack. Love your "Be of Good Cheer". Love Lauren Bacall's quote! Thank you for a beautiful post!

  3. Oh, I need a drying rack like that!!

  4. The crockery bowls with pink and blue bands are my favorites and I do believe that it would be worth the price of the plane ticket to watch you use that great wood bucket as your carry on!