Friday, July 15, 2016

It's Friday.....

I have a few more of Carol's quilts to share with you today, but first I want to share some inspiration I have received from reading Susan Branch's book entitled, Martha's Vineyard, Isle of Dreams.  Her story starts in March of 1982.  She has just experienced a break up with her husband, she is 35 years old and is broken hearted,  she leaves California landing in Boston with the intent of going to Martha's Vineyard for 3 months.  The back drop for that time frame is.....John Belushi had just dies of an overdose,  John Lennon had been murdered,  before that John Kennedy and his brother Robert, plus Martin Luther King, the massacre at Kent State, not to mention tens of thousands of young lives in Viet Nam.  Wow!, it sounds as discouraging as some of our news today.  And then she writes......"Above all else, guard your heart." -Proverbs 4:23  What a breath of fresh air that was for me!  I'm also reminded of what one of my blog readers, Ann from Pa. reminds me when she sends a note......."Keep a happy heart!"  So that is what I will determine to do every day......even as I visit the social security office to day to sign up for Medicare, and wonder how I arrived at this point so quickly.  There is no time to waste! :-) I will endeavor to keep a happy heart!

Now for some beautiful quilts.

Talk about eye candy.......these quilts are just that......a feast for the eyes.

Beautiful fabric choices and clever designs.

This little quilt will look great on my doll bed.  So simple, but so sweet.

I know some of you have been waiting for a pattern for this little tile quilt.  It should be on my web sit in the next couple of days.  It will be found under cotton applique, wall hangings.
"To strengthen the muscles of your heart, the best exercise is lifting someone else's spirit whenever you can."  -Dodinsky

Enjoy your week end with those you love....find a way to make it special.


  1. Oh, I want them all!
    And I love your little quilt, but alas, I don't do cotton applique.
    Great thoughts at the beginning of your post.

  2. Love the little tile quilt, can it be done in wool, I'm thinking that is a happy thought.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful quilts. Love the patterns, love the fabrics. And love anything Susan Branch. I've her first two books, but have yet to pick up the third in the series. Will have to do that soon after reading your review.

  4. Susan Branch's books are wonderful! She is an inspiration as well.