Tuesday, August 30, 2016


.....my first loaf of bread from my new sour dough start.  So exciting!  I just love the thought that this wonderful dough came about without buying yeast from the grocery store.  People that have gluten intolerance are able to eat this bread without side effects.  I don't believe I have problems with gluten......I just seem to have a problem with loving bread.  I will take a photo when I pull it out of the oven to share with you tomorrow.

This will be a short blogging week, because Bruce and I are flying to Ohio on Thursday to see our son and his little family.  We are very pleased to be making this trip.

Many have asked about how to purchase the book.  Simply google quiltmania.com and place your order there.  It arrives in 48 - 72 hours. 
Now for a few more quilts from the quilt show.

Morning Star.  The quilting on this is incredible.

Here is a close up of the border detail.

Golden Journals.  A lovely variety of quilt patterns with a great setting format.

This one's for you.  I've seen this quilt in several different shows, and I still love it!

Once again, lovely quilting.

For some reason I do not have any information to share on this gorgeous quilt.

I must have been so stunned by these two quilts that I forgot to take pictures of the information.  I find this quilt to be very charming.

Cache of Carats.  This one is a home run for sure!

Take a look at this machine quilting.

It really is a small world.  I had a lovely exchange with a quilter from Belgium today.  Her name is Carene Remmery.  She has a blog, Naaldendraadschoten.blogspot.com
On her blog was this quote was embroidered onto cloth.  "What day is it?  It's today, my most favorite day!"  I loved this.

"Treasure this day and treasure yourself.  Truly, neither will ever happen again."  - Ray Bradbury


  1. Mmmm...I can smell that fresh baked bread from here! I have peach freezer jam on this end...! This One's For You with those sweet pudgy little sheep immediately leapt out as a Janet Stone quilt, even without her usual alphabet. I adore her work!

  2. Hi. The quilt you have labeled as Cache of Carats is incorrect. Gail Stepanek