Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Exciting News.....

....I just received an email from France saying that my book should be arriving soon.......I am very excited!  My heart is going pitter patter at quite a rapid rate, as I consider this occurrence .  I find myself considering how a farm girl from Minnesota who collected and sold night crawlers as her first business enterprise could now be anticipating this event! :-)

Beasties Birds and Butterflies.

Marilyn the quilting friend who made this quilt, had previously shared this quilt along with its progress to us at a quilt group we both attend.

Kay's Hanging Garden.

Kay was the facilitator of a group who met and created these gorgeous quilts.

Open Heart

This was just too cute!  I didn't know about Mitten Day.

A Good Cup Of Tea.
I find comfort and enjoyment is a lovely cup of tea,  so of course this just asked to included in my photographs.

Learn More About Butterflies Day.

Reach As High As You Can /Day.

Book Lovers Day.

" Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overall and looks like work."  -Thomas Edison


  1. Fun and inspiring quilts :-)
    Happy anticipation of your book arrival. Sounds pretty exciting!

  2. I just read a blog that had posted the cover of your book. It's gorgeous! So VERY happy and excited for you!!! And, I'm looking forward to purchasing a copy!