Thursday, August 4, 2016


...I've completed the quilt I was working on.  Now I'm waiting for a call from my quilter, I think she might be on vacation.

Bruce has long arms, but this quilt is too large for him to hold.

Remember how I showed two applique bird blocks which I said would be at the top two corners.......well I changed my mind.  I felt since the quilt was large, they would be lost up there.  If the quilt had been just a wall hanging size it would have been least that's my opinion.

Now there will be two sixteen inch pillows to compliment the quilt. 

Lois Ann, from Grand Country Quilts just had this gorgeous quilt back from the quilters when I was there last.  I believe it is a Mimmick and Simpson design.

While I was a Grand Country teaching, one of the ladies taking the class had this awesome sewing bucket.

Julie, had this quilt displayed........It is beautiful.  The panels between the blocks were yardage on the bolt. They compliment the quilt wonderfully.

Here it is displayed over the back of this chair which I love.

I really like this flag holder.  I think I will be on the look out for one. 

This quote reminds me that we always see what we are looking I want to choose to look on the bright side. :-)


  1. Another beautiful quilt, Norma! I love looking at all the gorgeous fabrics you have used and it is interesting how some of the blocks look totally different just by placing lights and darks in different arrangements. Interesting quilting bucket. That would give a whole new meaning to my bucket list!

  2. I love this quote! I love your finished quilt! I adore your bird blocks! I think Julie's quilt is spectacular! Thank you once again for sharing!

  3. Another beauty! So s the Minick and Simpson, even though it isn't yours:)
    Great quote. I really enjoy these at the close of your posts. This one is so true - attitude is everything.

  4. Awww...that's that cute goosey quilt you said was on its way! So cute! There's nothing like pinwheels to make me smile! You never have a shortage of eye candy to share!

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