Monday, January 9, 2017

I'm getthing ready to send.....

....a new Bits and Bobs.  My little offering is back from the quilters and the pattern is being written.  It should all be ready in the next few days.

This table mat measures 20 inches square, and has a cotton background and the applique is wool.  I will be offering kits for this through the Bits and Bobs Facebook group.  What I like about this design is that is multi seasonal.

Now we are back visiting at the Woolen Needle.  You must not ever be traveling on I 80 going through Iowa and not stop at the Woolen Needle.  I will share with you this week where I would also recommend visiting while in the area.  I would love to go back and do it all over again with all of you!

I was fascinated with this pieced rug on the floor.

I realize that this is a picture that is redundant, but I just wanted you to see just how much beautiful wool their was for us to be temped by.

More wool, and some hooked items.

The view as we walked through the front door.  This is when our heart rates started accelerating.

Little bits of goodness tucked in here and there.  When you visit, go slowly so that you do not miss anything.

Julie and I were happy to pose with the two lovely women who own the store.  This trip was when we were on our way to Chicago last summer, early fall.

We were very adept at packing it is.  This was when we were on our way.  First of all the car was filled with kits, quilts and clothing tucked in here and there where we could find room.  Clothing is the bare minimum on these trips.  To be without hand work would be quite despairing.

Not to despair as it is not yet to the ceiling. The red bag with 2015 on the side just happens to be my suitcase.

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it."
- Margaret Thatcher


  1. I would go nuts in that shop and want a piece of every color and design of wool they had--then I would probably have to move back to NY as it is too hot here in FL to work with alot of wool!!-
    and I would have to rob a bank first!!!!
    love all the photos of the shop--thanks for letting me dream a bit today--
    Enjoy the moments, di

  2. I LOVE your new piece! The pictures of the Woolen Needle do make it appear to be a spot to be sure to stop!! i am sure you were experts at packing your car..Looks like a great road trip.

  3. Love your new table mat Norma, so cute!

  4. Wow! This shop looks amazing! Wish it were closer--would be a very long road trip

  5. I go the Woolen Needle every time we pass Williamburg, IA on the way to Utah!