Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's snowing....

...big fluffy flakes.  The news tell us of feet falling in the mountains and ski resorts. :-)  Besides being beautiful it will replenish our water supply.  "Silent and soft and slow descends the snow."
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I am curious to see how much will fall during the night.  You will notice that most often, wind does not accompany our snow, so that it can pile quite high.

I have a few pictures to share from a past quilt group gathering.  Isn't this heart pillow beautiful?  It is from a Needle Love book, and can probably still be made in time for Valentines Day.  Actually it would be nice to have out for several months.  Liz Cowan made this.

Brittany Bowen made this fabulous sewing kit.

The colors and combinations of the fabric which Brittany used are amazing.  I love how she centered this cute fox.

The pouches are made from a plastic mesh, which can be found in quilt stores.

I can't even tell you where this photo of this old Log Cabin comes from.  I know how much I love it though.

The large orange center is perfect.

Janice Grygla sent me the following pictures of projects made from my patterns.  I love receiving these.  These blocks are from At Home In the Garden.

Janice completed Winter Wonderland also.  The great thing about this quilt is that works for the entire winter season.  It certainly is a winter wonderland in my back yard.

And, she finished this picture, the quote by Abraham Lincoln.
Keep stitching Janice! :-)

"It is time to accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be."  - Sonia Ricotti


  1. We woke up to soft snow falling here in Colorado. Glad for the water it brings here and the beauty of new fallen snow. Hope your day is awesome.