Thursday, February 16, 2017

I am not one to complain......

......about the weather, but I do believe our trees are being tricked into budding a bit too early.  We have been enjoying unseasonably warm weather.

Today I will post the remainder of Mimi and Diane's quilts.  I do recognize this one as an old Buggy Barn pattern.

The star quilts are two different flavors of a Buggy Barn pattern.

This is from a pattern of pine called Seeing Eye to Eye.

This one is a bit is a Primitive Gathering's table runner.

A charming watermelon quilt.

This concludes their trunk show.  They are quite the accomplished quilters.

This is my very dear friend Nannell and her table mat.  She brought it to share with me because it is one of my patterns.  I love the colors she has used, and her work is always lovely.

A close up peek.

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  1. What fun quilts! They are quite prolific and quilting some favorites of mine. Thank you for sharing the inspiration!

  2. Wonderful quilt show!

    Mother Nature is up to tricks around here too. Robins are singing everywhere, daffodils are sprouting, roses are leafing. I hope there is not a price to pay later!

  3. We are having the same problem with our trees in western Colorado too--who knows how that will work out. Thank you for sharing all those lovely quilts--they are very inspirational!